Call Clooney!

106 A Jew In The Safe (2009-06-21)

Show 106 album art
0:00:30No Father’s Day message yet from CVC; JCD apology for being his post-travel self on Show 105, $2 a month donation flub
0:01:56Obama: “nothing is more fun than being a father, my kids aren’t teenagers yet”, wish for health care bill, “bureaucrat standing between the doctor and the patient” meme; ACC on dried-up medical research money; Dutch newspapers reprinting CVC’s tweets
0:08:15Tracking North Korean ship “that may be carrying illegal weapons”, July 4 missile attack on Hawaii, goose-stepping soldiers B-roll, “giant radar”; Continental pilot dead in cockpit, passenger: “pretty scary”; ACC’s $25 Virgin America upgrade, smokin’ hot captain; JCD list of ads flanking single ABC News ESPN fake story; ACC runs across FDA warning against Zicam, new Commissioner Margaret “Peggy” Hamburg, Rumsfeld and aspartame
0:18:50Bernie Madoff sentencing date comes and goes with no a peep from media
0:19:37Ambien CR ad’s background music, 17 seconds of ad and 60 seconds of side effects; “remember” vs “don’t forget”; Fox Reality network’s Sex Decoy: Love Stings show, “let’s do this”, ACC: “help it die a respectful death”
0:28:25JCD on San Francisco Airport’s permanent threat level orange, ACC’s bag full of electronics, “bag check, bag check, water, water, water!”, TSA trainer swabbing everything, “smokin’ hot babe” comment; ACLU lawsuit filed against TSA over cash-carrying interrogation; De Telegraaf admits defeat by ACC Creative Commons lawsuit; ACC’s new Nokia N97, “gay” iPhones
0:36:48And Now Back to Real News: Palin-Letterman war ended, JCD on age of consent 16 vs 18 to view “adult materials”, ACC befuddled by American Puritanism
0:40:18JCD kombucha warning “heartburn for the rest of your life”, the perils of vinegar-making
0:43:47And Now Back to Real News: producer note on Taylor Swift’s father buying her fame for $1M, Scott Swift Merrill-Lynch high-net-worth investor, truck driver dodged the Broadcast News bullet; ACC’s new designer jeans and bleeding testicles
0:50:25JCD on PBS Biz Kid$ “anything can be money” brainwashing, Jewish puppet in bank vault counting money, ACC: “why don’t we just have like a crack dealer who’s a black guy?”
0:54:32Air Comet pilot’s “bright flash of white light” at time of Air France 447’s disappearance, ACC: “they nuked it from space as a part of the ongoing Boeing-Airbus all-out global war”
0:56:171998 patent for Delta and Pine Land Company “terminator seeds” with help from Clinton FDA, acquired by Monsanto in 2006, 87.5k Indian farmer suicides from 2002-2006
1:00:10Donation Segment: ACC’s candlestick microphone holder,