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1069 German SPAM (2018-09-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “Don’t cut in line and stop stealing our secrets!” (2:31:22)
0:00:34Pre-Zephyr start of show, ACC’s Thursday-Sunday mixups; JMD cites pre-engagement “promise”, Newsletter’s Tiffany-Willow mixup and ACC in bra; ACC in Lucerne Switzerland, border guards grabbing sketchy migrants, shopping mall under train station, baffling German spam, Airbnb with bed in bathroom, rude Chinese cutting in line and feeding “scam artist” swans
0:21:53Satirical storm news footage, casual “walking the dog” to CNN, millennial Fox reporter: “about 75% of the population … has evacuated, that still means 15% are still here”; Al Gore “come on!”; Puerto Rico statistics all over map; North Carolina coverage cuts to “the strongest storm on the planet this year” Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines; Cliff Mass blog finds fewer major storms; Professor Ian Plimer: “climate always changes”; Jeff Glor hysteria
0:37:03Steve Ballmer irks Bill Maher by citing healthcare costs up 225% and lifespan down, border apprehensions down, education spending doubled, Maher urges Ballmer to buy next election
0:43:20“Lesbian icon” Hillary Clinton at Lesbians Who Tech Summit: “I rarely do this, but I have to tell you … I am on People Magazine’s best dressed list this year”, plug for paperback edition, vote “to help us save our country”, Russians “now clearly in our electoral systems”, “outmanned, outwomaned” by Republicans flub, plug for election spending in digital media
0:55:17Hillary on “double standard” of Serena Williams losing points for US Open tantrum
1:00:59Producer Segment: JCD’s Argentinian ant burning strategy revisited
1:10:05JCD career advice: ignore guidance and thank guidance giver, ACC: “it’s taken me 54 years to finally be able to podcast”, term “podcast” from Dannie Gregoire and/or Ben Hammersley; Tiege Hanley’s influencer endorsements, Scott Adam’s hot girlfriend doing photo promotions
1:19:12Jimmy Kimmel steals Fallon’s Pence “lodestar” compilation, JCD: “I’m thinkin’ Lear”, online betting on op-ed author; producer note on slurring “anomynous” and Don’s dentures
1:33:12Stormy Daniels “50-50 shot” revisited; Michael Avenatti takes offense with Tucker Carlson’s label CPL “Creepy Porn Lawyer”, ACC: “without a condom” meme pointing to abortion
1:38:26Dianne Feinstein’s mysterious dirt on Brett Kavanaugh; JCD’s Feinstein and Boxer stories
1:44:36London Mayor Sadiq Khan: British public should have “the option of staying in the EU”; WikiLeaks journalist Arjen Kamphuis missing for weeks in Norway, personal effects found at sea; producer note on Sweden giving illegal immigrants superior healthcare benefits
1:54:21Bob Woodward’s repeated Project Mockingbird talking point “national security”
1:57:22EU court rules British mass surveillance violates human rights; EU Parliament swaps in B-roll of last year’s standing ovation for Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union address
2:03:23Donation Segment
2:15:08QAnon subreddit r/greatawakening shut down by Atlantic Council’s Jessica Ashooh; Ashooh on Syria: “a no-fly zone would be a great thing”; cofounder Alexis Ohanian on “anti-evil team”; Nick the Rat trolling the trolls on r/inthemorning; JCD “spot the spook” for Ashooh
2:25:14Norah O’Donnell to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Chinese economic espionage: “they’re trying to steal our corn seed?”, “share our values” meme, Trump hate for going easy on ZTE
2:33:36Compilation of Trump inflating first responders’ 401(k) increases; “floodwaters” isolate
2:37:44Human interest story on gas explosions near Boston, shutoffs for pipeline replacement
2:43:02Manafort “flips” so family can “remain safe”; Alan Dershowitz to MSNBC: all about Trump
2:50:15Hysteria over NBA three-finger “white power” signal; AOC’s hypocritical photo shoot, ACC: “you need to wear a sorghum sack”; Ukrainian Antonov An-225 flying supplies to Hawaii