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1068 Carbeque (2018-09-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “No writer uses the word lodestar.” (1:45:16)
0:00:35ACC and TtK at Lake Como Italy for sister Willow’s 25th wedding anniversary; brief marijuana legalization window, toxic political climate, Windows phones everywhere; chintzy “surprise adventure box” gifts, unsupervised children running around pool; Italian ads on Twitter, €25 for thirty “jiggas”; “nailed it” Love Story marriage proposal at Mistral Ristorante, molecular gastronomy and Tuscan prison wine, JCD: “y’know they make that stuff in toilets, right?”
0:21:49“Disgusting” Google undercover video with Sergei Brin sounding like alcoholic Ray Romano, Indian programmer in propeller beanie: “is there anything positive you see from this election result?”, Brin: “as an immigrant and a refugee I certainly find this election deeply offensive”; CFO Ruth Porat sobs over Hillary’s loss, “refugee” with Harvard physics professor father, Council on Foreign Relations board member; “people ops” VP Eileen Naughton alarmed over Brexit, cultish “G-calm place”; unnamed employee: “speaking to white men … take the opportunity to go through the bias-busting training”, “I promise to do this”, JCD comparison with Scientology, color-coordinated microphones; ACC on Instagram endorsement deals
0:45:27Alex Jones impressionist: “we’re still on Tinder … we always swipe right!”, “I am the demon, aaahh!” iso (CotD); NPR weenie Tony Romm: Twitter banned Alex Jones because he “crossed the line”, Rachel Martin “IRL, right?”, Romm lies “Jones took to a video and said that he encouraged his supporters to take up, quote, battle rifles against journalists and people on the left”; pick-up artist Roosh Valizadeh on Amazon ban over vague “content guidelines”
0:59:05Lesbians Who Tech Summit New York promo video, fireside chat with Hillary Clinton; Jacob Weisberg leaving Slate for podcast venture with Malcolm Gladwell
1:07:07Producer Segment: ACC’s “sta’ zitto schiavo!” niece Sabina now eighteen
1:26:16CBC on election gains for Sweden Democrats with “roots in the neo-Nazi movement”; Swedish Dekonstruktiv Kritik podcast on “best country in the world” reputation, 16k cars burned in “riots and carbeques”, government paying for propaganda photography to prove Trump wrong
1:39:25Jimmy Fallon montage of Mike Pence using NYT op-ed terms; NPR’s Scott Simon to Berkeley hummer Jill Abramson: “should the Times have just run a news story reporting that a high-ranking government official tried to plant an op-ed with them, place an op-ed?”; JCD on early Oval Office bug removal; FBI Director Christopher Wray to CBS: “first off, I can tell you I didn’t write it”, dodges investigation question; slurring Trump “anomynous” double fail
1:52:12CBS fires 60 Minutes producer Jeff Fager for drunken office party groping, CBS reporter Jericka Duncan reveals threatening text message; undercover video of Harvey Weinstein hitting on Melissa Thompson; JCD on PC Magazine “celebrity sales guys” wooing female ad buyers
2:07:05Donation Segment: Oakland meetup at Drake’s Dealership
2:19:11White House deputy spokeshole asked about Obama “what magic wand do you have?” GDP quote; Obama “protect members of our own party from persecution, prosecution” flub; “don’t binge on whatever it is you’re bingein’ on” and Netflix deal
2:23:49Strzok-Page “media leak strategy” messages; Judge Napolitano on leak-fueled FISA warrants
2:27:28NBC on Elon Musk smoking weed on Joe Rogan podcast; ACC all-in on Mercedes C220 deisel
2:32:59MSNBC-like NPR’s Steve Innskeep repeatedly goads Marco Rubio: “but is he fit?” (BCotD)
2:36:48Stormy Daniels to Dutch TV: “50-50 shot” to take down Trump with new dirt
2:37:24ACC OTG: Microsoft Surface Go customizations; depressing phone use statistics
2:43:40Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences puts “popular film” category on hold for now