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1064 Post Racial (2018-08-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ay! Ay Pope! Don’t worry ‘bout it!” (1:54:38)
0:00:33Jacksonville video game shooter a Trump-hater; media sharing boards with big pharma
0:03:50“Petite male” Rep. Eric Swallwell considering presidential run, Trump “has just taken a wrecking ball to so many freedoms”, “green our grid”; Kamala Harris portrays press as fourth branch of government, Brett Kavanaugh potentially judging case against “unindicted co-conspirator”
0:10:39Dianne Feinstein: “when the chips were down, Donald McCain was there”; Amy Goodman presents retrospective on McCain “who died Saturday at the age of eighty-one of breast cancer”
0:14:10Southwest Airlines cancellations due to exploding engine preventative maintenance
0:15:10The Guardian mocks Trump’s struggle to get Enrique Peña Nieto on speakerphone; CBC irked by Canada’s exclusion from Mexican trade deals; AbbVie’s $100M for Ronald McDonald House
0:26:28Ron DeSantis: black opponent Andrew Gillum “articulate spokesman”, “the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda”; PBS misquotes “monkeying around”, “something that is seen as not being post racial”, Trump’s “racially-charged statement” in mention of Tallahassee crime; Bill Maher’s racist social media ID
0:38:40Now-standard CNN “giant head” format, Don Lemon gives pass to Antifa violence; Jeffrey Toobin: “the theme here is, I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people”; #VerifiedHate campaign; JMD’s fiancé’s “Marxist tome” for popular culture course
0:51:02CBS election poll finding “college, non-college difference” in women, JCD: school system “Democrat mill”; ACC’s voodoo doctor notes abnormal stress levels; Rush Limbaugh predicting irritated Republicans turning out en masse; PBS on Trump campaigning for “establishment hacks”; sick-looking Katy Tur vs healthy Rachel Maddow, JCD: “she’s like the Devil”
1:06:30Producer Segment
1:18:31Trump addresses anti-conservative bias in Google and social media, M5M restricts analysis to Google News; NPR stupidly defends the competition: Google News results “which is what Trump specifically is talking about” lie, New York Times & CNN “mainstream reputable reputations”; NPR links Trump’s attack to takedowns of fake Russian and Iranian accounts
1:28:14JCD perplexed at the likes of Tumblr not getting busted over storage of child pornography
1:30:54Wil Wheaton kicked off Mastodon; Sleeping Giants anti-Breitbart campaign; producer note on Conor Daly’s pulled Lilly Diabetes sponsorship and firing of Colts announcer Bob Lamey; JCD proposes San Francisco businesses poop wars; secret Twitter cybersecurity meeting
1:40:16Two-minute ABC “Made in America” native ad for Lay’s potato chips; JCD on 1817 origin in UK, myth of George Crum inventing chips for Cornelius Vanderbilt
1:48:24Vatican whistleblower calling for Pope Francis’ resignation; JCD on celibacy vs nepotism
1:54:54Outrage over Louis C.K.’s unannounced fifteen-minute set at New York comedy club
1:59:59“Shock” over 3x3 cm piece of plastic found in stomach of blue whale in Kanagawa Japan
2:02:15Donation Segment:
2:16:06TMZ: Bill Cosby hiding $5M in Bitcoin; Netflix bans lowbrow “binge watch” for Obama
2:23:17Dogs Are People Too: dog sitting app and “open bottle of personal lubricant and a camcorder”
2:27:08Ask Adam: Venezuelans largest group seeking asylum from socialist douchebaggery, 1M% inflation; demonstrations in Chemnitz Germany after stabbing by Syrian and Iraqi refugees
2:37:43ACC OTG: Microsoft Cortana the queen of snooping, Yahoo still mining e-mail; Jaron Lanier: “your loss of free will is the product”; report on FICO changes turns into pitch for more debt
2:52:08WWV time broadcasts shutting down; tennis star Alize Cornet punished for shirt change