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1063 Furternity (2018-08-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “But I had to leave the grandkids alone to defend the country!” (1:38:36)
0:00:37ACC’s Southwest delays in and out of Chicago, Loews hotel handicapped suite, VIPR security at entrances to Millennium Park, Über “playing the spread” with undisclosed surge pricing
0:12:13John McCain dead at 81, “we’re getting nothing done” iso, CBS hagiography with 2017 “President Comey” flub, JCD on “misdirection” example of bipartisanship as “a message only a maverick could deliver”; Steve Pieczenik: “spoiled, entitled brat”, Hanoi Hilton “coward and a traitor”, “killed more Americans than any other President I would have known of”, vouched for by “coward and treasonous military officer” David Petraeus, civilian-killer Bob Kerrey, qui s’excuse s’accuse; Chuck Schumer seeking to rename Russell Senate Office in his honor
0:28:17Democracy Now: “whistleblower” Reality Winner sentenced to 514 years, Trump tweet: “small potatoes” compared to Hillary’s crimes; Scott Adams notes Trump “one-names” Hillary “Crooked”
0:33:09Q-Vision: Jeff Sessions’ shit-eating grin for overly enthusiastic Maria Bartiromo on “sham!” Hillary e-mail investigation; ABC “great question” on timing of Sessions firing
0:38:18David Pecker misdirections from Tom Llamas: Trump “promoting” Cruz-JFK story, “slamming those who are turning on him” vs “not fair” lament, JCD: CSJ “chicken shit journalism”
0:48:02Responses to JCD’s second Newsletter, ACC enthuses about massive No Agenda community; “wait a minute, roast beef for sale, marriages for lemonade, it’s all we will get!” iso
0:56:52Producer Segment:; “Dude Named Ben” origin; millennials and brunch
1:25:25Dimension B: JCD: “grab the dog!”, John Brennan to Bill Maher: no security clearance monetization, cheers for deep state from radical left audience, Maher: “you’re dead to me Rand Paul”, Brennan: Americans deserve spooks who are “not gonna be political, not gonna be politicized”, doubles down on “treasonous”, Maher defends Clapper, “I didn’t want to speak out after I left the government” lie, Trump increasingly desperate “typical authoritarian”, “Donnybrook Fights” with “national treasure” McCain, Maher “third great crisis in American history” ignoring Smedley Butler, Clapper: “I’m really concerned about whether this could spill over into the streets!”, ACC: “the fidget spinners are going to grab their muskets?”
1:47:28Foamer-style Canadian narration of trip over new bridge: “look at the river, look at the river!
1:50:41“Furternity leave” for new pet owners at digital marketing firm; JCD gripes about brunch
1:53:18ACC OTG: iPhone-free Chicago trip; CBC on virtues of paper maps for national park hikers, ditzy millennial “I almost dropped my phone in the lake”, JCD on GPS tied to cell network
1:59:52Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 in episode of Elementary, classified patents and gag orders
2:07:00Donation Segment: JCD on “literal dirtbags” in Washington; Rick Dees “hundies”
2:24:59Disney’s crackdown on James Gunn as housecleaning ahead of Bob Iger political run; Eli Lilly pulls sponsorship of driver Conor Daly over racial slur by his father “more than thirty years ago” (CotD); nasty “Trump shills” man overboard note
2:28:29British police taking flak for hitting teenage girl, JCD on MIA “sticky goo” inventions
2:31:11Ask John: Theodore Kaczynski on privileged white male academics championing social justice
2:32:44Kara Swisher to Bill Maher on Facebook’s lack of responsibility, Maher bad-mouths Zuckerberg’s appearance, Voltaire’s “great responsibility” couched in comic book terms, “these sites were not hacked by the Russians, they were used exactly as they were built”, “we don’t wanna be judged by our first things, Bill” 9/11 hijackers reference, “weaponize” meme, JCD blamescomputer chips; Russian bots accused of using Mollie Tibbetts murder as distraction
2:46:16JCD: Replica Wine knockoffs “not possible in a million years”