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1061 Red Dot (2018-08-19)

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0:00:00ACC: (Panting)Wake the neighbors, quick!” (1:41:37)
0:00:34Trump Rotation “dog hater” explored by Brian Williams, WaPo’s Philip Rucker makes Hitler comparison; Al Sharpton bitches about Omarosa Manigault “dog” labels, “show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T” (CotD); “Reverend Al” witness protection iso; Sharpton moans about security clearance revocations; M5M “this is what dictators do” hysteria compilation
0:14:07Jack Beatty on “Trumpian authoritarian dictatorship”; Ray McGovern condemning Brennan
0:19:24CBS on White House drafting additional revocations, Brennan: Trump “drunk on power”; Brennan walking back “treasonous” comment; JCD on Snopes “unverified” Muslim conversion
0:24:15Former CIA Philip Mudd rages at Paris Dennard over reminder that clearances are profitable: “gimme one answer and you’ve got ten seconds!”, “I have zero relationships with the private sector that involve my security clearance!” lie, “we’re done, Jim, we’re done, get out!
0:34:08Amy Goodman on security clearances as distraction from Omarosa’s “racial slur”; William McRaven eager to have clearance revoked, JCD: “pull it!”; Omarosa “mission” theory
0:39:02Omarosa’s ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response trigger, YouTube Skyrim narrative
0:43:52NYT’s Michelle Goldberg: “Angela Merkel’s the leader of the free world”, Katy Tur: Trump “not rounding people up and murdering them without any due process”, Goldberg: “he would certainly like to” (CotD); D.C. protestors: “racists don’t have the right to free speech!”
0:54:05Producer Segment
1:03:05First Amendment reading; CBC: newspapers “fighting back”, “enemy of American people” misquote, St. Louis Post Dispatch editor Tod Robberson frets about vigilantes; NPR idiot: “journalism as an industry is the only trade that is expressly protected by the US Constitution”
1:18:32Erik Prince to Andrea Mitchell on push for “privatization” in Afghanistan, Mitchell flustered at 5k graduates botch; Benghazi survivors’ clearance revocations and NDAs thanks to Brennan
1:24:57CBS hysteria over hurricanes in California from temperatures not seen since 1930s; health food industry shill Environmental Working Group report finds glyphosate in breakfast cereal
1:30:341,400 Google employees protesting Project Dragonfly censorship project in China
1:37:45Bill Maher bewilders audience defending Alex Jones’ free speech, panelist: “I also don’t think those companies should be profiting off of what he’s saying”, Maher: “you make a T-shirt that says your mother sucks cocks in Hell, they don’t have to sell it at Baby Gap”, panelist: “yeah, but Steve Bannon’s on television tonight!”; ACC calls on Kanye West to be Mastodon pioneer
1:48:12London Facebag ads defaced with “fake news is not our friend is a great revenue source”; producer note on Infowars and firewall block lists; JCD’s “octopus organization” takedowns
1:56:24ACC OTG: child drownings up because of parental phone distraction, Haarlem Culinary Festival attendees opting out of social media photos with red dot worn on forehead
1:59:32Donation Segment
2:06:51Prof. Lawrence Lessig in favor of abolishing “random number generator” Electoral College
2:16:40Azealia Banks: Elon Musk tweeting “on acid”; CNBC bafflement over $420 Tesla price
2:20:07Michael Pillsbury on Chinese leadership impressed with Trump, “Mr. Drunker” gaffe
2:24:07Google’s incompatible hearing aid-phone protocol; Horowitz reports Chinese all-in on Trump immigration policy; CBS’ Meg Oliver’s “zoo-ological museum”
2:29:01Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto in America; JCD pans Avengers: Infinity War
2:40:37Virtue signaling war on ketchup packets; plastic bottle campaigner upset at squashed bug
2:44:47Andrew Cuomo: America “was never that great”; Mark Shields blathers about Putin