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1060 Austin Beatniks (2018-08-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “If she has another facelift she’s gonna end up with a goatee.” (1:57:34)
0:00:35Love & Light for “universally hated” diva Aretha Franklin
0:03:20ACC on The Promise film set in Turkey’s Armenian Genocide; Turkish lira “in freefall”, $240bn in corporate debt; Turkish-American “economic war” over imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson, iPhone smashing video, producer note: “enter the Gülen movement”; agreement on division of Caspian Sea resources between Russia, Iran, and Eastern European countries
0:17:46Lawrence O’Donnell: Omarosa Manigault partially responsible for family separations, “TV interview version of her Nuremberg Trial” (BCotD); breathy-voiced “yes, the N-word” reading, NPR tape discrepancy “gotcha”, “girl, did you read my book?” iso, The Art of the Deal swearing-in; JCD on ghostwriter credit models; ACC’s autobiographical spy novel Unglued
0:27:05Newspapers whining about Trump’s “attacks”, Supreme Court’s “political duty” of public discussion; JCD column on social media platforms vs publishers; Über producer note on San Antonio Facebook video sweatshop, Hollywood guidelines; Berkeley “online hate index” redux
0:38:09Lester Holt to Jack Dorsey on Alex Jones’ “timeout” from Twitter for “video calling for people to get their battle rifles ready against the media”; Alex Jones warns about media false flag: “people need to have their battle rifles, everything ready, at their bedsides” (CotD); NPR Here and Now: Trump using Twitter to “threaten violence against whole countries”
0:49:43Block Together app; Overcast app author on pressure to ban Alex Jones “clearly in violation of Apple’s own content guidelines”, NRA TV ban, “kind of bullied into a decision like this”; Patreon closing accounts under pressure from Mastercard, firewalls jumping on Infowars bandwagon; JCD on CEO forbidding talk of visiting shooting range, John Doerr cap gun freakout
1:02:56Producer Segment
1:26:20Mobster Michael Franzese to Patrick Bet-David on setting up meeting with Don King through “gun for hire” Al Sharpton, JFK elected and killed by the mob, Jimmy Hoffa dropped into Atlantic, Franzese’s father targeted by Bobby Kennedy over relationship with Marilyn Monroe, astonished at current level of political corruption, Comey “embarrassment to the FBI” (CotD)
1:44:15Bongo-playing JCD faced with incontrovertible proof of “Austin beatniks”
1:49:40Washington D.C. Antifa chant “no borders, no wall, no USA at all!”; Bernie Sanders to Stephen Colbert on definition of democratic socialism, “out-of-control capitalism”
1:57:19Nancy Pelosi barely able to talk after latest facelift, Trump “make America white again”; CNN’s John Berman asks Rep. Frederica Wilson about “racial chinge” in Trump comments, Wilson: “everything that comes out of that White House is racis’”; Chris Cuomo’s new Max Headroom tri-box setup, gives pass to anti-hate violence by Antifa “on the side of right”
2:08:55Bernie Sanders: Koch Brothers “now the ideology of the Republican Party and of Trump”
2:09:41Donation Segment
2:17:48ACC on Mastodon “WordPress for social networks”,
2:22:09Second Half of Show: Obama’s Roswell “if I told you I’d have to kill you” iso; Genoa bridge collapse “like flour … like Twin Towers”; LA County MTA using Thruvision weapons scanner
2:30:24FBI warning about potential “ATM jackpotting” attacks on international banks
2:32:52San Francisco six-person “Poop Police”; pooping on scooters in Los Angeles for Instagram, “it’s usually douchebags riding on scooters”; ACC on expressing outrage via one’s own feces
2:43:00John Brennan’s security clearance revoked; CBS omits Monsanto and arson stories after teasers
2:47:22Kanye West to Jimmy Kimmel on Trump support: “if I’m afraid to be me I’m no longer ‘Ye”