Call Clooney!

105 The French Fry Connection (2009-06-18)

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0:00:36Still on crappy connection, JCD back from New York, ACC’s conflicting board meeting cancelled, ACC moving tomorrow, ACC’s burrito and Corona tranquilizer
0:05:34ACC: Iran protest story “the largest mainstream media hoax in history”, “slowing down the net” meme, JCD: “it’s going to the USA, put on your American police costumes”
0:10:57ACC on Mevio “burn rate”, dollar coins from Caltrain “baby bullet” ticket machine
0:17:48Producer feedback on JCD’s sound, HEMA underwear nanoparticles
0:20:31Frontline “Breaking the Bank” exposing banking corruption, new regulations from Obama administration, ACC: “someone’s gonna get shot over there, I mean, I’m sorry, someone’s gonna commit suicide”
0:22:07JCD’s connection lost, musical interlude
0:26:00Air France 447 “mid-air breakup” theory, feedback from Airbus engineer on bogus pitot tube theory, broken rudder theory
0:30:48JCD’s connection lost again, musical interlude, ACC: “the best part of the show was when you’re not on it”
0:34:38ACC on “sheet metal and rivets versus plastic airplanes”, “Scarebus”
0:35:18Russian scientists find “critical link” between H1N1 and GMO french fries, Chile’s flu age demographics and use of GMO potatoes, CNBC McDonald’s documentary
0:42:40South Park Tourette’s episode; Palin supporters protesting David Letterman; ACC on Erin Burnett’s “saddlebags that won’t quit”
0:44:38And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan steals Elle magazine photoshoot jewelry, Masha Markova’s mink coat, ACC: publicity stunt for jeweller
0:48:28JCD pet peeve: people trying to drag roller bags down airplane aisle, huge backpacks, “they look like they’re going into Yosemite for a month!”; new Jet Blue terminal compared to Las Vegas hotel, high-end sushi bar; Virgin America extra legroom upgrade
0:55:46Donation solicitation; french fry swine flu A/B experiment; producer note on Show 61 Obama six-months in wager, JCD: “I won”, “you’re happy, you’re a happy guy, you had a burrito”
1:03:11ACC on investor Jonathan Fram’s “why the Hell is Dvorak on your network, why does he want to work for you?”
1:04:53Outro, JCD on surly New Yorkers, ACC predicts “Dvorak, get outta here” signs