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1059 Barrel Roll (2018-08-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “This guy was twelve years old who interviewed me!” (1:09:28)
0:00:32Austin Pride Parade rained out; JCD on record attendance at Seattle meetup
0:06:16Seattle Horizon Air Q400 theft suicide, F-15 radio “intercepted” disappeared from internet, ACC on difficulty of “barrel roll” maneuver, “I would like to get some, uh, make it pressurized or something so I’m not so lightheaded”, ACC: “Chantix written all over it”, expensive and embarrassing mistake of over-revving a jet engine
0:19:56Oakland TSA’s “Anal Logic” CT scanner; TSA unimpressed by CLEAR “free month” ad, red wheat flour check “for quality?” and overlooked bottle of water
0:27:08Austin American-Statesman article on new downtown high-tech operations, Y2K and CD-ROM bubbles and gravitation to San Francisco, Amazon’s 45k workers in Seattle; Bird bikes and Ferraris in Austin, Facebag considering locating 3k “AI” slaves; Army Futures Command
0:41:27CNN’s Oliver Darcy on Apple’s Alex Jones “deplatforming” after “weeks of media pressure”, JCD on CIA shill media opposing WikiLeaks and torture report release; Sen. Mark Warner’s social media regulation proposal leaked approximately a week prior, Robert Mueller’s office at Facebook and “squeeze” theory, no demand Apple remove Infowars app, podcast software using Apple API to retrieve podcast directory originated by ACC; rumors of Alex Jones connection to Stratfor intelligence platform, unexplained source of Infowars budget, “stress test” theory, Occam’s Razor debate; JCD on MSNBC’s fake conservative Jennifer Rubin, M5M’s $1bn in free Trump publicity; Austin American-Statesman interview: ACC “long-time podcast personality”; JCD predicts Alex Jones purge “red wave” backfire
1:11:10Producer Segment: Seattle meetup Bitcoin millionaire; Trump jobs karma considered harmful
1:33:00Al Sharpton on hanging out with James Brown, “Donald Trump is a lounge act”; ACC story: “no alcohol, no swearing” around Brown; Trump speeches as big productions
1:38:30Monsanto lymphoma victim awarded $290M, Vice President cites vague “overwhelming scientific evidence” of safety, 5k other similar claims, Bayer retiring brand, real damage done in Africa and India, Bayer heroin headache remedy
1:44:47John Legend recruiting Democrats for Ohio special election with “script that’s easy to follow”, “this is what democracy looks like”
1:48:54Two major Saudi Arabian institutional investors dumping Canadian assets over human rights Tweet by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland
1:54:12Poop Man Jeff Pegues on Charlottesville anniversary events, Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser encourages message of “love, inclusion, and diversity”, no mention of public safety; Austin Equity Council pushing for soccer stadium, finger-snapping in place of applause; NPR On the Media’s Bob Garfield predicts Cody Wilson killed by one of his 3-D printed guns
2:03:18Donation Segment: Austin meetup October 6
2:12:55Victoria Nuland’s “fuck the EU” phone conversation with Geoffrey Pyatt from February 2014
2:20:24Debate over Facebook’s access to users’ banking information; “we already mostly going cashless, right?” story on Chase rolling out cardless ATMs; London’s De La Rue creator of one third of the world’s banknotes; US dollar’s devaluation by 90%, inflation’s benefit for borrowers; ACC on spy agencies’ love for Elon Musk, sketchy plan to take Tesla private at $420; Michio Kaku all-in on Trump’s Space Force: “we’re sitting ducks!”
2:41:08Sean Spicer to Commonwealth Club on future plans: “I’ve launched a podcast”
2:42:45Snapchat loses 3M users in last quarter, social engagement slump, ACC: “go Mastodon!”