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1057 Heckler’s Veto (2018-08-05)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)Leave me alooone!” (0:44:26)
0:00:35JCD irked by overuse of “binge”; ACC on Mission: Impossible’s implausible helicopter antics
0:03:43JCD retweeting James Woods; incoherent Sarah Jeong: white men the reason “so many things suck”, ACC: “FilmGirl is better than this!”; First Amendment and “heckler’s veto”, Feiner v. New York; “the theory of garbage is very simple: the internet is full of garbage”, ACC: “okay, we’re done!”, JCD: “why did the New York Times just hire Al Sharpton?”
0:21:19Candace Owens banned from Twitter for 12 hours for replacing Jeong’s “white” with “Jewish”, lame “taken out of context” excuse from The Verge; Valerie Solanas’s 1967 SCUM Manifesto
0:29:45Angela Rye screeches at Jason Miller about immigration: “I will never claim a bigot, ever!”, “the debate ends at the comma, dog!”; Australian nursing code of conduct requiring white privilege apology to Aboriginal patients; JCD on male millennials speaking in higher registers
0:44:36Thomas Frank on Democrats’ aversion to working class and desire to “scold” Trump voters
0:47:42Lauren Southern stuns New Zealand TV host with “will you accept the diverse view that women should be stoned for the crime of being raped?”
0:52:04Nicolle Wallace cites WaPo’s 4,229 “false or misleading claims”, “strangle” vs “wring her neck”, Dutch delighted with JCD’s mierenneuker tweet; unhinged Rob Reiner plugging pro-M5M propaganda film Shock and Awe, Wallace: Shep Smith “really genuinely very good” journalist, Reiner delighted with Facebook for removing Alex Jones, right-wing media “trafficking in another narrative”, “it might be the last stage of a civil war, the last battle is being fought”
1:06:28Producer Segment: LinkedIn jobs karma; Sir Geoff Smith back on the job with Q Are You?
1:17:38QAnon suggests coffins coming from North Korea contain Hillary and DNC servers; Scott Adams refuses to disclose details of White House visit, calls QAnon a psyop
1:21:58David Brooks: Koch Brothers’ electioneering method “terrible” compared to Trump’s, JCD: “it’s anti-media”; Les Moonves “go Donald!” revisited; Wall Street Journal “neatly timed” article; Harvey Weinstein lawyers attempting to get case thrown out; Steve Pieczenik: “just an ugly Jewish boy”; prediction: resumption of normal activities following apology tour
1:36:59Washington Post exploring Brett Kavanaugh’s connection to Vince Foster; Trump-hating Post Most newsletter, Trump campaigning like Obama; The Shining twin girls on Trump podium
1:42:02April Ryan on White House’s “most esteemed podium in the world”: breathless “yes! yes!”, “I’m gonna say this to you” performative, anonymous sources “whistleblowers”, “this has now gone beyond politics, this is gone into life”, Don Lemon: “it started with lock her up, ’y’know, build a wall”, “it’s not about CNN … this is supposed to be a dignified, respectful place”
1:52:46Whiny bitch Jim Acosta escalates to “journalists are the enemy of the people, literally the enemy of the people”, “we’re fact checkers in real time”, JCD: “he’s a radio jock!”, bumper sticker proposal, “all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant we’re not the enemy of the people”, “I’m tied of this, it is not right, it is not fair, it is not just”, Sarah Sanders “yelled at” at restaurant, “fellow Americans are not the enemy of fellow Americans!”
2:02:55ACC all-in on The Death of Stalin “reco”; NPR’s Jack Beatty “Stalinist” for Trump Rotation
2:09:31Donation Segment: JCD and Mimi’s 30th anniversary Seattle meetup, autographed photo list
2:26:52Silicon Valley employees concerned about physical security and “fecal matter”, “Squaretitter”
2:31:52Martin Chulov’s interview with Osama bin Laden’s mother, unnamed Saudi Arabian university, brothers locked up by Crown Prince, 1999 Kandahar meeting; bogus photos of modernized 1970s socialist Afghanistan; bin Laden’s son Hamza married to Mohammed Atta’s daughter