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1056 Q-Vision (2018-08-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “That jingle apparently triggers dogs worldwide whenever we play it.” (2:30:11)
0:00:34Return of JCD’s recorder; Norwegian producer happy with rainsticks, HAARP off until Fall
0:03:34Chuck Schumer hysterics over “print on command ghost guns”, blames Trump “working with the NRA”; NPR Cody Wilson background, “it’s always been legal to make your own guns at home”; Schumer on NBC: “this is the doing of the Trump administration”, “it’s a terrorist’s dream, a hijacker’s dream!” iso; next generation of $300k “oh wow!” 3D CT scanners for TSA
0:18:13QAnon watchers looking for magic number 17; NewsHour “breadcrumbs” backgrounder: Mueller and Trump in cahoots to take down “global pedophile sex ring”, Judy Woodruff: “that takes a lot of thinking to get that far”; “Q Vision Glasses” skit, JCD: “the Zephyr’s painted blue!”, explanation for unfired Jeff Sessions, Mueller’s penance after illegal FBI tenure; Andrew Napolitano on Paul Manafort’s exoneration eight years ago under Rod Rosenstein; Manafort blaming Rick Gates; Napolitano on federal judge not playing ball with prosecution
0:37:05JCD recommends The Death of Stalin film; 2016 YouTube video on Hillary’s kuru disease
0:43:23Collusion and “conspiracy to defraud the United States”; Facebook takes down a whopping 32 left-wing accounts; NPR pundit: number “kind of misleading, right?”, “similar tools, techniques, and procedures”; Fox News hysteria: “the Russians are toying with us, they are sending us warning signals”; Mike Morell: “I have no doubt that the Russians are behind the effort”
0:56:18Stephen Cohen smacks down hysterical CFR shill Max Boot: “I think that Mr. Boot would have been happy if Trump had waterboarded Putin at the summit and made him confess”
1:00:18Jason Whitlock on “cyber-humans vs. humans”, Twitter “cesspool of 140-character bigotry”
1:03:20Producer Segment: quantum physics theory of karma
1:20:17Bogus NBC “exclusive” on latest claim against Les Moonves; Stephen Colbert throws Moonves under the bus: “accountability is meaningless, unless it’s for everybody, whether it’s the leader of a network or the leader of the free world”, JCD Red Book: Colbert out of a job
1:32:51300k illegal immigrants living in Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, ACC’s friend in Sitges Spain: migrants running from rubber rafts to sell fake Gucci bags, “it’s a sales force!”
1:35:13ACC on Austin Whole Foods’ downsized and outsourced crab cakes, odd lighting fixture electronics; FDA considering relabeling soy and almond milk, “sap” vs “juice”, “Curry Slurry”
1:41:09ACC revises “not money” position on Bitcoin after transfer from CVC, inflation schedule, round stones and gold, predicts central bank use as hedge, JCD unimpressed: “theremin”
1:52:09Sean Spicer defends himself to Jimmy Kimmel; Seymour Hersh: Trump hate “catnip” for the likes of CNN; Bob Woodward’s upcoming book Fear: Trump in the White House, JCD on clueless post-Watergate journalists; PR Newswire replaced as source by Twitter; Twitter fury over Cubs game video of man “stealing” foul ball; ACC on e-mail vs Twitter as news feed
2:06:36Donation Segment: Virginia spook meetup, optimal Austin meetup time
2:23:14IBM Watson endangering patient lives in oncology applications
2:26:46Dogs Are People Too: man loses legs and hands to dog saliva infection, leprosy vaccine theory, “either that or it’s the cat lobby”; Dame Tanya reports on dog-themed wedding
2:30:22American bicyclists killed by ISIS in Tadzhikistan; Trump ridiculed for comparing voter ID to buying groceries, “without any evidence” meme, actual number of voter fraud cases 35, JCD: “bullcrap!”; drama queen Jim Acosta whines about reaction to him at Trump rally: “honestly, it felt like we weren’t in America any more”, ACC: “try MTV Spring Break!”
2:42:49Philadelphia bill forbidding liquor store bulletproof glass in the name of “dignity”