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1055 Tongue Jammin (2018-07-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Nick Pickles, investigator!” (1:32:26)
0:00:33Rainsticks effective in Norway; Equity Office pushing to rename Austin
0:08:15ACC: “low-quality shit reporting” from PBS: publicity-seeking Claire McCaskill “first known target of Russian interference in the 2018 election”, “red warning lights blinking” meme
0:17:08Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes full retard on Trevor Noah: “we have never really known … a time of true economic prosperity”, “pledge not to accept any corporate PAC money whatsoever”, “implication” that committee seats must be bought, “learning to navigate that space with that foundation”, paying for universal healthcare “excellent, excellent question”, fawning “Nobel Prize economist!”, Warren Buffett 15% tax rate botch, “100% renewable energy economy” via carbon tax, military’s $700bn “budget increase” botch, “imporʔənt” pronunciation
0:39:13Campus Reform video of New Yorkers gushing over AOC: “the government should pay for it”
0:45:48Sexual Harassment Update: Ronan Farrow’s exposé of CBS CEO Les Moonves making way for CBS-Viacom merger, ACC: “creepy tongue-jabber”; ABC Illeana Douglas “sexual assault” hit piece, 60 Minutes “culture of harassment and retaliation”; JCD predicts “junk TV just like every other network”, ABC perfect next target with Disney’s “cast member” douchebaggery
1:03:15Kimberly Guilfoyle allegedly fired by Fox for abusing makeup artists and showing dick pictures
1:07:29Producer Segment
1:15:03Police investigating fatal shooting of George H.W. Bush cardiologist Mark Hausknecht
1:17:36Arson suspected in deadly Greek fires; evidence of second Las Vegas massacre shooter
1:20:49Rep. Matt Gaetz to Tucker Carlson on Twitter’s autocomplete shadow-banning: “illegal corporate donation”; Twitter blog post: “we must also address bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or detract from healthy conversation”; annoying Silicon Valley spokesholes Juniper Downs and Nick Pickles to House Judiciary Committee on terminating fake news accounts
1:32:30JCD gripes about Silicon Valley’s public relations void; Facebook’s $119bn selloff thanks to Zuckerberg; Facebook refuses to take down fake profile of dead Oklahoma cop
1:45:50Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock rant on why “black athletes need to get off Twitter”
1:52:21Jake Tapper to Stephen Colbert on “press access” and Fox News, Colbert “wow!” iso; Jack Beatty twists 1984 to compare Trump with Ministry of Truth, “moral obligation to be intelligent”, September “colluuusion!” report, JCD on his mother’s positive thinking obsession
2:06:05British MP Damian Collins all-in on “digital Atlantic Charter” to fight social media fake news
2:08:16Former Trump adviser Michael Anton to Tucker Carlson on 14th Amendment’s “under the jurisdiction thereof” and birthright citizenship; Lenore Elle Hawkins’ bullcrap claim that only Congressional children can declare student loan bankruptcy, ACC: “human trafficking”
2:14:42“Nursing home nightmare!” shootings in Texas with no mention of psychotropic drugs
2:16:38Donation Segment: JCD “what’s brown and sounds like a bell?” joke
2:25:53Rachel Maddow on deadline for reuniting separated families; government shutdown rumors
2:28:25Serial killer-rapist finding victims on unnamed “online dating app”
2:31:52LifeLock website vulnerability exposes millions of subscriber e-mails
2:34:51Corey Booker: Brett Kavanaugh supporters “complicit and evil”; lawmakers irked at Amazon face recognition mistaking black faces for mug shots; missing Iowa college student’s Fitbit
2:40:25MIA remains returned by North Korea; Victor Orban still irked over illegal immigration; Amsterdam’s lawless after-hours Leidseplein; Game of Thrones tourism in Dubrovnik Croatia
2:50:15ABC on Michael Cohen’s attorney-client privilege, “audio experts” hired, 2018 elections