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1054 Without Evidence (2018-07-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yeah, I dunno, I think one burger is better.” (2:35:41)
0:00:38Fires and flooding, EU heat “undoubtedly linked to global warming”; “gin and tonic, sangria!
0:06:37ACC on obnoxious archival interviews; OZY Fest speaker Kirsten Gillibrand plans for “when we flip the House and flip the Senate”, “I think we should pass the gun reform issues within the first month, all of them”, Hillary’s tent-like mumu and orthopedic shoes, ACC: “it’s to hide the decomposition”; Laurene Powell Jobs: religious organizations “without any funding” lie, JCD: “Hillary’s like the salt-sucking monster on the Star Trek first series”
0:16:35White Helmets evacuation redux: “known terrorists” being sent to UK, Germany, and Canada; Rand Paul behind push to strip James Clapper of security clearance; Clapper to Anderson Pooper: Obama responsible for Mueller investigation vs 2017 “no such wiretap”
0:25:49Former CIA Ray McGovern to Joe Piscopo: Strzok and friends thrown under the bus by Clapper and Brennan, NSA in possession of 33k Hillary e-mails, Piscopo “wow!
0:30:36Trump grabbing Jean-Claude Juncker’s hand at White House trade discussions; steel exports from Antwerp to US up in spite of tariffs, Trump to rescue soybean farmers, ACC shocked to find edamame are soybeans; Max Igan to RT on MAGA promoting OBOR with Europe
0:40:27Austin’s $30M for 7,640 homeless, $15 San Francisco to LA buses; urination threat for ACC
0:43:42Facebag down 24% after earnings; GDP numbers coming, Andrew Horowitz elections theory
0:50:21Andrew Napolitano on Trump ignoring his sister Maryanne Trump Barry’s recommendation of Thomas Hardiman for SCotUS in favor of “establishmentarian” Brett Kavanaugh, ACC: “a pick not intended to pass”, Kavanaugh’s investigation into death of Vince Foster, JCD: “dredge up Vince Foster and the Hillary hit list”, Democrat obstructionism for 2018 elections
0:58:11Producer Segment: Silicon Valley free food ban; Scheveningen challenge; Pi-hole blocker
1:30:56Unhinged Rob Reiner to Never Not Funny podcast: Russia collusion “single biggest scandal in American history”, “I’ve got a lot of good Republican friends” lie, Reiner’s wife “in a state of craziness all the time” due to Twitter; Frontiers in Human Neuroscience article “Alterations in White Matter Integrity in Young Adults with Smartphone Dependence”, non-addictive Windows Phone ad; Dame Tanya repulsed by Instagram “influencer” event; “one burger!” iso
1:42:25GSK invests $300M in 23andMe, sequencing everyone “would be more information than anyone could even store in any database” lie; ACC reads his webcam porn extortion e-mail
1:52:48JCD story on killed Focus Magazine story; CBS on Trump-Cohen tape discussing $150k Karen McDougal affair “catch and kill” story, no mention of Charlie Rose; “any canoodling?!” iso
2:07:05BBC grills Brexit financier Arron Banks about alleged Russian connection in diamond mining, “despite … his links to Russia”; on the lookout for Trump “without any proof/evidence” meme
2:12:06Jeff “poop man” Pegues on Russian electrical grid intrusions, ACC: “I’m crowning!”, “spear phishing e-mail attacks” vs Stuxnet; JCD’s bounced e-mail with Cyrillic attachment name
2:19:03Donation Segment: “psycho laugh” iso
2:36:04Kenyan The Star contrasts Obama’s 2008 and 2018 visits; “three years ago I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya”, JCD: “he’s not a Muslim either”
2:42:12Southern Poverty Law Center co-opts “male supremacy” with “malicious matriarchy” quotes
2:45:06Toronto shooter Faisal Hussain’s messed-up family; JCD story: “do you know anybody who has guns?” at Canadian border, ACC’s spin instructor’s odd Mexican border experience
2:49:47More than 200 killed in Syrian suicide bombing, 31 killed outside Pakistani polling station
2:51:1033 rare Star Wars action figures expected to fetch hundreds of thousands at auction