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1053 Lefties are Right (2018-07-22)

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0:00:00ACC: “Maybe we need No Agenda emergency hammers.” (1:54:11)
0:00:33Rainsticks for Norway after Netherlands misfire hits Belgium
0:04:22White Helmets extracted by Israel from Syria to Jordan
0:08:09“Apoplectic” Mark Shields afflicted with shaking and liver spots from Trump derangement syndrome, “giant sucking sound in the company of the Russian dictator”, “unanimous” intelligence agencies meme; ACC: might be about time to kill Bill Clinton
0:16:11Jack Beatty to NPR’s Week in the News on New York Daily News 5th Avenue shooting cartoon, “deb-acle”, Norm Ornstein martial law “nightmare”, “not only openly collude, but openly canoodle”; Huffington Post calls out New York Times Trump-Putin cartoon homophobia
0:21:44JCD story: long-winded daycare meetings; old-school communist Ajamu Baraka on Brennan cabal, “what would they have done if Jill Stein and I had won?”; heavily-redacted Carter Page FISA warrant, ACC: “the lefties are right, I’m so confused now!”; SquirrelMail Batman jingle
0:37:21Steve Gibson’s Security Now analysis of Mueller indictment revisited, Cisco router Lawful Intercept functionality, CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act; Operation Mockingbird and Congress for Cultural Freedom CIA operation in Cold War Western Europe, CIA 1984 and Animal Farm endings; George Carlin on “nice”, “fine”, and “great”
0:50:52Hot Russian spy Maria Butina arrested by FBI, bogus student visa story; Seattle double agent Naveed Jamali on handing off Russian money to FBI; Maria Bartiromo: Bill Browder “became aware of corruption going on” in Russia, Browder “on a mission to get justice for Sergei Magnitsky”, Putin’s claim of $400M in donations to Hillary campaign “walked back”
1:02:36Pioneer Natural Resources CEO aiming for oil production at 15M barrels per day, “Trump is a businessman, he’s a traitor trader”; ZTE sanction adjustment approved by Congress
1:07:43Producer Segment: *The Netflix Explorers
1:22:00Whoopi Goldberg boots Jeanine Pirro off The View after yelling match, JCD on Hachette-Disney deal “interfering with commerce”; John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times jingle revisited
1:29:40Worldwide public pooping phenomenon; physicist John Huth to NPR on impact of smartphone GPS on hippocampus and “declarative memory”, JCD’s MapQuest approach, ACC on avoiding GPS to prevent Alzheimer’s, JCD’s Bay Bridge shortcut ruined by Google
1:45:37Catch Me If You Can’s Frank Abagnale on Trusona technology poised to replace passwords, ACC: QR code “utter bullcrap”, remote-controlling pacemakers, JCD’s emergency car window hammer; JCD proposes anti-5G Faraday cloth suit; Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint ad
2:01:15Donation Segment
2:11:07Kimberly Guilfoyle dating Donald Trump Jr., leaving Fox for America First Policies nonprofit
2:13:452015 “freaking straw up her freaking nostril” sea turtle video, disability exemptions
2:18:11“Eruption of backlash” over Alabama minor league baseball team pandering to millennials with avocado and participation ribbons, “gluʔən free”, ACC on Twitter journalism fodder; Ellen Pao memoir rights bought by Netflix; idiots falling for Dude Named Ben’s; 23-year-old Berkeley High School graduate entrapped by FBI over ISIS bombing plans
2:29:16Bay Area parents using medical exemptions to dodge school vaccination requirements
2:31:40UK Free Tommy Robinson movement in full swing, Dutch protestor to News Night: “fuck off BBC, man”; outrage over Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment of Martin Selmayr
2:38:28Mark Zuckerberg “licking the third rail” with decision not to censor Holocaust denial
2:44:15Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigning in Kansas with Trump Rotation-reciting Bernie Sanders