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1052 Proof Trump is Broke (2018-07-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Anti-science!” (2:21:34)
0:00:35JCD on US-made clamato ingredients; rainsticks added to Muslim clerics’ mass prayer for relief from Dutch heat wave; Amazon Prime Day “glitch” with “dogs of Amazon” 404 pages
0:06:03Helsinki US-Russia summit: descent of vultures on post-USSR Russia, Trump’s weak clarification, Tucker Carlson: “oath of loyalty to the spy bureaucrats now in charge of our country”; M5M “nothing short of treasonous” compilation, Rachel Maddow “not that deep” iso
0:15:20James Clapper in 2017 unperturbed by DNC breach; twelve-person GRU indictment, Security Now’s Steve Gibson: “to me this suggests there is a level of surveillance far in excess of what I at least have assumed was technically feasible”, DNC server image for FBI from CrowdStrike
0:23:55Local news “sided with Vladimir Putin” meme, “seventeen agency heads” lie, idiotic “I don’t know what other evidence he needs”; Richard Blumenthal “the red light is flashing” talking point, “we are in a 9/11 national emergency”; Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks: “I would say that his performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Attack or Kristallnacht”; Richard Engel: “these are digital missiles that are going into our system”
0:30:54VICE News introduces “old comrades Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer”, Ukraine-Mexico parallel, Democrats more concerned with impeachment than averting nuclear war
0:37:23Putin on William Browder’s illegal contributions to Hillary campaign; former CIA Kevin Shipp on Uranium One deal laundering Russian money for Clinton Foundation, ignored by Robert Mueller; Rand Paul to ABC on Cuban Missile Crisis dialogue, ubiquitous election meddling
0:49:23PBS punditry on Russia trying to “stoke tensions” on Twitter, “eh-eh-eh-eh” JCD edit
0:54:13Putin proposes cooperation in regulating oil and gas markets; producer note on oil prices “in the sweet spot” above $70, ACC-JCD debate on ideal price for Saudi Aramco IPO
1:01:43Steve Pieczenik “very worried” about Trump & Putin discussing China, potential ouster of Xi Jinping, ZTE ban reversal; Amazon leaving Seattle due to socialist city council; New Yorker unionizing; Planet Money on China anticipating Trump win based on volume of flag orders
1:15:41Producer Segment
1:48:07Louie Gohmert spilling the beans about Lisa Page’s closed session testimony, China implicated, “guilty dogs” Brennan and Clapper “barkin’ pretty loud”; NewsHour’s fast-talking Yamiche Alcindor, Judy Woodruff: Republicans giving Trump “the benefit of the doubt”, Democrats “using this to fund-raise” with irrelevant example of $15.2M raised by DCCC in June
1:57:20“Proof Trump is broke” in 1980 Trump interview by Rona Barrett: “if you lost your fortune today, what would you do tomorrow?”, Trump: “maybe I’d run for president” (CotD)
2:01:01EU Competition Czar Margrethe Vestager defends €4.34bn antitrust fine on Google
2:06:47San Francisco Mayor London Breed on “more feces” in streets, urging organizations to “talk to their clients”; long-winded Rush Limbaugh riffs on “clients” meme; call for jingles; JCD on Twitter demanding portable toilet removal; virtue signalling San Francisco plastic straw ban
2:21:10Facebag support group for NPE Not Parent Expected results on 23andMe-style genetic tests
2:24:53Donation Segment
2:47:06Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on children Trump “snatched”, “internationally-recognized human rights violation”, “occupy” meme, witness-leading Amy Goodman: “she actually represents LaGuardia Airport”, AOC: “we already are experiencing a two-foot sea level rise”
2:59:54MGM Resorts suing Vegas shooting victims; Elon Musk’s $2bn “pedo guy” tweet
3:02:47States Supreme Court blocks ballot measure to split California into three states