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1051 Liberal World Order (2018-07-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well, the whole thing is depressing.” (0:58:53)
0:00:33California unable to meet recycling demand; ACC proposes summer off due to low support
0:04:19Luciferized Trump-bashing Hillary, ironic 2016 “offered to work with him” concession speech; UK demonstrations ignored by M5M; Andrea Mitchell: visit with Queen “not at all the state visit, the overnight, the state dinner that the Obamas…”, “again” litany; Trump’s “offensive” interview with The Sun, Theresa May “didn’t listen” to Brexit deal advice, JCD: “oh nooo!
0:14:46On Point Trump Rotation tour de force: “global political crisis”, “global disruption tour”, Jack Beatty: Israeli intelligence advising CIA Putin has dirt on Trump, “Liberal World Order” meme, Trump disclosing ISIS secrets pseudo-whipsaw, NATO “cornerstone of American security”, caller’s Elizabeth Warren rape implication; “nonstop chaos scandal outrage machine”
0:29:39Former DHS Michael Brown on scripted Congressional testimony; On Point: Strzok-Page texts “private communications”; Strzok: nothing in personal accounts for Inspector General; Rep. Trey Gowdy “colleague Lisa Page”, squabbling over “it” definition; Louis Gohmert’s off-script “he could probably pass a polygraph”, outrage over “how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eye and lie to her about Lisa Page”, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman: “you need your medication!”; Strzok’s alien face, ACC: “shapeshifters gonna shift, baby”
0:45:37Rep. Doug Collins questions Strzok about out-of-scope polygraph; reading of text messages for Darrell Issa; Gowdy takes exception to “we will stop him” as referring to American electorate
0:59:47Democrat Steve Cohen to Strzok: “if I could give you a purple heart I would”; Jerrold Nadler whines about family separations; Sheila Jackson Lee on Trump’s “annual performance review” from Putin, “Julian Assad” iso; Gowdy: impeachment talk one day after Mueller appointment, “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok”; JCD: “they weren’t lovers, they were conspirators”, ACC Peter Strzok Sr. Iranian spy theory, 2011 plot to kill Saudi ambassador
1:18:01Producer Segment
1:25:32Globalist French victory over Croatia for World Cup
1:27:05Rep. Jim Jordan on PQG Penn Quarter Group and Trump dossier; news wrap logic fail
1:32:52TtK’s daughter Elise’s communications class, “move to digital” and decline of news business
1:39:00Furor over upcoming Trump-Putin meeting, indictment of 12 more Russians “stunning in its detail” taken from from George Webb lawsuit; CrowdStrike CEO Shawn Henry friends with Robert Mueller; producer note on attending CrowdStrike demo, Splunk data mining tool
1:50:17Meet the Press: Russians “literally minted money to hack our election system!”, absurd Bureau of Engraving and Printing comparison (BCotD); Prof. Cynthia Hooper frets about rapprochement; Kimberly Dozier on need for “major hack”; “there’s a war going on” in Crimea skit, JCD: “I think it’s a war on prices at Ivan’s Furniture”; “yawww, they got a new podcast!” iso
1:57:31Donation Segment
2:09:16Oakland Zoo gondola “digital glitch” (BCotD); drunk or not drunk Jean-Claude Juncker
2:13:17Serial rapist posing as Über driver arrested; Crohn’s disease drug Entyvio side effect “PML, a rare serious potentially fatal brain infection”; #WalkAway video “think for yourself” message
2:22:43The Spectator on Harvey Weinstein “poor, ugly, and Jewish”, hitting on women at parties
2:25:11ACC OTG: “airplane love story” woman speaks out; Timehop data breach, creepy business model; smartphone sensor side channel attacks; JCD’s grandson’s first word “app”
2:36:50OPCW: no evidence of nerve agent in Syria
2:40:01Second Half of Show: 2019 Israeli moon landing; Howard Hunt and JFK alien disclosure