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1050 Chip In! (2018-07-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “I have, the device.” (1:20:34)
0:00:34Brexit World Cup hopes dashed by Croatia, France needing win due to riots; Boris Johnson’s sendoff by Theresa May to disorderly Parliament, May’s controversial Chequers meeting with Angela Merkel, JCD: “they’re gonna become Puerto Rico of the EU”, The Sun food stockpiles
0:12:03Trump baby blimp for UK visit, American-sounding organizer to MSNBC: “um”, “throwing a tantrum” for rotation, message for “people who are affected by climate change”, rewards for deflation; ACC on drone visible from balcony, JCD proposes net gun,
0:20:48Jens Stoltenberg credits Trump’s leadership for NATO defense spending increases, Obama’s 2016 gripes, Trump on sketchy Germany-Russia Nord Stream 2 deal: “billions and billions of dollars that’s being paid to the country we’re supposed to be protecting you against”
0:29:24Germany’s ill-advised nuclear divestiture; David Frum on Nord Stream 2, sympathy for Trump from Poles “who gave him such a good time”; Trump: Poland refusing to be “captive” to Russia
0:39:07NATO percentage of GDP rundown; Kay Bailey Hutchison rebuts Donald Tusk’s Trump insults to Christiane Amanpour; ACC on off-putting “builder” demeanor, JCD’s Pacific Heights “I have a friend who works in personnel”; Amanpour: “the tone is what is creating existential angst amongst your NATO allies”, “much hackneyed sound bite” of “NATO is obsolete”
0:57:17Justin Trudeau’s “unflinching support” for NATO with no plans to increase spending; veteran’s inability to get injury compensation, condescending Trudeau booed over “they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now”; JCD on Obama/Hillary “word-at-a-time” delivery
1:04:52Producer Segment
1:16:49“Foamer” ecstatic over 1953 EMD E8 locomotive: “oh my God, whooo, listen to that horn!
1:20:32ACC all-in on Kyocera DuraXV phone; Facebook allowing researchers free reign to study election impact; airline romance surreptitiously photographed to create social media narrative
1:33:04Jordan Peterson on educational advantages of podcasts over videos, “the narrow bandwidth of TV has made us think we’re stupider than we are”; TLC Dr. Pimple Popper ad; Toronto meetup seeking Peterson appearance; New York banker explains Trump’s Deutsche Bank loan
1:38:46Nigel Farage on May’s intended “Brexit in name only”, background as metals trader
1:41:48Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination “crapstorm of epic proportions”, Elizabeth Warren “awful” hysteria, “will you chip in $3 right now?”, “makes me sick to my stomach”, JCD on tired “chip in” gimmick; ACC’s Judicial Watch letter masquerading as court document
1:55:48Kavanaugh’s credit card debt meme; Shep Smith on 2009 Presidential immunity theory, impeachment explained, JCD “unstoppable flasher” scenario; bogus “next 40 years” meme, Jeffrey Toobin: “the framers never contemplated that these terms would regularly go to thirty-plus years”, Ben Franklin’s 84-year lifespan, ACC’s mother’s take on “til death do us part”
2:07:55Student “I think” outrage over nonexistent SCotUS nominee; Caitlin Upton 2007 “I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as”
2:13:20Donation Segment: upcoming meetups
2:25:58Chinese engineer arrested for stealing Apple autonomous vehicle documents; iOS Taiwanese flag crash; Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak on Debbie Wasserman Schultz Awan Brothers scandal
2:34:57Shep Smith grouses about upcoming Trump-Putin meeting; Jeopardy! “lying to the FBI” fails
2:38:22Transbay Tube earthquake safety upgrade; San Francisco’s $20M per year on graffiti cleanup
2:41:38Idiot journalist: men earning three times more than women “could be because they’re putting in more hours”; record low US birth rate because of “fears about the economy”