Call Clooney!

104 Furries Forever (2009-06-14)

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0:00:32Oatmeal preparation, JCD on birch syrup and agave sugar; ACC’s prospective loft in same building as first legal Absinthe distributer; chatroom
0:04:52And Now Back to Real News: 55-hour erection lawsuit from antipsychotic medication, “scheduling problem” joke; Obama-Sarkozy height contrast in podium photo
0:09:26New York Stock Exchange opening “computer glitch”; state secession memes, northern California state of Jefferson, Pacific Northwest “Cascadia”, JCD: Texans “big talkers”; ACC on Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth on obscure cable channel; proposed bumper sticker “Help Save America: Listen to No Agenda
0:15:06And Now Back to Real News: Simon Cowell the Teletubbies producer, successor Boohbah
0:17:04Nigel Farage does well in European Parliament elections, potential Lisbon Treaty vote; Iranian election ruckus; Coast to Coast AM time travel story; contingency planning for ACC or JCD being “suicided by the government”
0:22:20JCD’s son’s Evergreen College commencement, ACC on peculiar American traditions, crazy costumes, “Sieg Heil” plan, “help Obama” speech, speaker David Whyte’s degree in “zoo”-ology, Stephen Colbert in Iraq with “zoo”-ologist Deputy Prime Minister; JCD finds caps and gowns at University of Heidelberg, furries at Evergreen; ACC’s considers loft sex swing
0:36:07Zyprexa recommended for dementia in absence of evidence, bipolar disorder, “off-label promotion”, “increased risk of death” disclaimer, the evils of Ritalin; Baxter International in full swing producing swine/Mexican flu vaccine, 13-week production cycle, Illinois headquarters; WHO’s Margaret Chan “sounds like a dimwit” like Mad TV’s Miss Swan
0:48:06Producer note on Taylor Swift documentary NBC-Universal deal, JCD on 60 Minutes Viacom fluff pieces, variable end credit speeds, ACC story: masterful Tom Brokaw at MSNBC opening, JCD on “legendary” Forrest Sawyer, “blurb” definition
1:00:39Donation solicitation, potential underwear embroidery issues
1:03:50Outro: teasers for next show