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1048 Crush ICE (2018-07-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Right on, right on!” ACC: “Right on, right on!” (2:52:31)
0:00:38Producer note on Customs and Border Protection, Mexican asylum seekers gaming system with children; JCD: “they don’t want open borders, they want no borders”, The Dukes of Hazzard police screeching halt at county line; Independence Day vs July 4; Gavin Newsom celebrates “liberty, diversity, and opportunity for all”, ACC’s subdued fireworks pool party
0:10:30CBD for dogs frightened by fireworks; Facebag flags Declaration of Independence hate speech
0:15:07San Francisco “block ICE” protests, “processing people” fallacy, Troll Room “crush ICE”, “fight for a socialist society, one that actually does enshrine rights for people into law”; ACC on 90% 1972 Dutch income tax, Schengen fail; reporters ignoring “abolish borders” signage
0:26:28ACC on 1984 Newspeak and “press freedom” meme; Jim Acosta defends obnoxious grandstanding; Axios ranks US 45th in bullshit “press freedom”, “violent anti-press rhetoric”; crying baby trigger hysteria over Oakland ICE warrant on child sex trafficking operation
0:40:25Animal rights activists crash Oakland barbecue block party; TtK among those at work July 4
0:42:08“Deplorable” Rapid DNA at border to fight trafficking; detention companies among Trump inauguration donors, no mention of Obama parallel; DNA genealogy solves 30-year cold case
0:46:48British baby serial killer nurse Lucy Letby arrested; twenty-pound bag of poop on San Francisco street, expanded needle pickup, ACC proposes defunct mall housing, German “sex palace”, TtK’s daughter confronted by homeless man peeing in street; New York’s 23k homeless children; “preference falsification” and “mirage of polarization”, James Woods fired
1:00:08Producer Segment
1:09:10ACC story: “lost mate!” hearing aid takes nose dive into recycling chute; bipolar drug Vraylar side effect roster, “uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent”
1:18:56Return of Tim Allen in Last Man Standing; European Parliament votes against controversial copyright law, ACC’s elementary school ditto machine, Microsoft stealing JCD’s articles
1:25:29ACC OTG: Nokia 3110 “no good”, overfull text message storage; CNBC millennial “adult under forty” vocal fry-fest on reducing phone usage; producer note on applying UT phone study results to increase ACT score; Kyocera DuraXV; Allstate tracking in-car phone use
1:39:34Samba TV tracking screen pixels, Juggalo makeup to defeat facial recognition; data-stealing Stylish browser extension; Google allowing third-party developers to read e-mail
1:47:33July 5 LGBTQ STEM Day, Queer Eye gives lie to LGBBTQQIAAP “community”, ACC: “you’re being lumped in with a bunch of weirdos!” (ACCPPotD)
1:54:09Orange ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump’s head from Netherlands seized in Indiana
1:55:23Meghan Markle and Emoluments Clause; Maxine Waters claims slavery ended due to protests, counterattacks Chuck Schumer, post-election subpoena power over Trump bank records meme
2:05:15Whoopi Goldberg misinterprets Chance the Rapper’s “you didn’t build that” Obama meme
2:10:33Donation Segment
2:21:33FBI entraps another Six-Week Cycle patsy in Cleveland July 4 parade bomb “plot”
2:26:36Outrage over Melania Trump profiting from Getty-licensed family photos, ACC “make bank”
2:32:20Symone Sanders “fact of the matter”-fest with Don Lemon; Ed Schultz dead at 64
2:38:03Transgender contestant for Miss Universe; alien Kathy Griffin to Nightline on Trump head stunt: “I’m not an elected, I’m not a general”; liberal Massachusetts finally legalizes marijuana
2:45:03Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s “no!” to Trump on possibility of no trade deal; Canadian restaurant boycotting California wines over tariffs; Canada to legalize marijuana in October