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1047 Congrats Canada (2018-07-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “Q invented Bitcoin.” (2:24:20)
0:00:39JCD “stop the war!” for protests over obsolete Trump policy; ABC WWII newsreel cadence for “massive nationwide protest”, “coast to coast” meme; ACLU ad falsely claims Trump must reunite families; MSNBC twelve-year-old girl complains about mean people, ballot box strategy; The Nib editor irked at JCD; Samantha Bee writer: civility “tool of white supremacy”
0:13:32ACC’s friend Lex refused ESTA waiver over Iran visit; application for asylum at port of entry or within US; Trump in 2015: “I’m calling very simply for a shutdown of Muslims entering the United States … until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”
0:21:39ICE as rebranded INS, checkpoints upheld by SCotUS, JCD on obnoxious Port Angeles operation, ACC’s run-in with “liar” police dog; “Hillary Clinton light” Kirsten Gillibrand “reimagine ICE” gobbledygook; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “AOC” on ICE “black sites on our border” inaccessible to child-abusing camera crews; ACC proposes Space Force “SPICE”
0:37:13Newsletter misogynistic advertising, AOC & Maxine Waters posters; Southwest Key founder Juan Sanchez whining about layoffs; JCD on Air Pollution District’s 15-year lifecycle
0:45:57Conspiracy theories linking Anthony Kennedy and Trump’s son; Democrats pushing for Roosevelt approach of adding justices; misunderstood Roe v. Wade 7-2 ruling, JCD “dog whistle”, viable candidates Amul Thapar and Amy Coney Barrett, JCD on Indian mnemonic prowess
0:57:12Whoopi Goldberg “get outta my behind, get outta my vagina!”; unhinged Michael Moore to Maher: election will prevent “right-wing court”, “a fertilized egg is a human being!” (CotD)
1:05:08Producer Segment: happy Canada Day
1:19:46Ask Adam: ShotSpotter being installed on Highway 4 due to 136 freeway shootings since 2015
1:23:10Capital Gazette “newsroom massacre”, active shooter drill one week before, shooter Jarrod Ramos identified with facial recognition; MSNBC’s Ali Velshi lie: “the President of the United States has said the media is the enemy”, JCD “libjoe” and “going postal” fad, Velshi: “I don’t want it to be somebody with a grudge against their boss”, Comedy Central and Charlie Hebdo examples with no mention of radical Islam; Ramos’ lawsuit over Facebag stalking article
1:39:34ACC’s hairdresser’s Facebag reunion nightmare with madwoman Über driver
1:42:29Jim Acosta yells at Trump to “stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir!” and leaves
1:44:09Prof. Kimberly Marten to CBS: Trump “taken advantage of” in North Korea summit; CIA shill Ken Dilanian in NBC article: North Korea increasing nuclear weapons fuel production according to “unidentified US officials”, Rachel Maddow solicits Sen. Corey Booker’s opinion on “shocking new report”, ACC: “they want war!”; Marten on Russia releasing Podesta e-mails
1:54:32Stephen Cohen on bogus Washington Post article outing US intelligence asset in Kremlin; Reality Winner pleads guilty to leaking classified information; NSA purges 685M call records with “technical irregularities”; Steve Pieczenik: John Kelly burned out trying to control Trump
2:04:29Donation Segment: JCD recommends Swiss wines; TtK arranging August Austin meetup
2:19:29Conrad Black on Trump “bloodless civil war”; Qanon misses Operation Broken Heart sting
2:25:45CFIUS Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States restricting Chinese investment, Chinese actor salary standardization, $300bn economic infusion and Trump’s ZTE reversal
2:33:31UT studies on phone proximity reducing mental acuity; Amazon Delivery Partners Program
2:39:24Jazz Jennings’ gender reassignment confirmation surgery; e-mail sig line pronouns
2:42:26Nancy Pelosi’s drunk or not drunk slurring episode: “you wanna repoot your question?”
2:45:13CBS yokels detail Florida controlled burn accident; Humane Society “Unhappy Meal” hit piece