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1046 Pot on Sale (2018-06-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Cookieee, ooh, cookie!”
0:00:35World Cup prediction: South Korea for the win; JCD’s virtuosic recorder “toast song”
0:04:28Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire, “report directly to your death camp” tweet, “no Wi-Fi at the death camps” comeback; Jonathan Turley on Kennedy as defender of individual rights, timing “could not be worse” for Democrats, “straight muscle vote” without filibuster, Trump making good on SCotUS promise; Roe v. Wade in jeopardy meme; Turley on Kennedy’s “right to dignity” legacy, JCD on Kennedy being all-in on torture, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ill health
0:21:11Producer’s voice mail announcing Senate Judiciary Committee process “likely to be completed sometime between now and early October” at beginning of term; Sheila Jackson Lee’s despairing “ohhh!”; former Rep. Ron Klein: “we have to stop Donald Trump’s Roe reversal reproductive rights ripoff”; Trump’s truncated Obama-like campaign speech in North Dakota
0:27:58CBS lie: Executive Order “didn’t specify what would be done to reunite those families already separated”, “blistering” California District Court injunction, cell phone video of children “huddled” in Cayuga Centers from Michael Avenatti; Baptist Child and Family Services and Southwest Key NGOs cashing in on H&HS “clients”, ACC: “the goal of the business is to get more clients”, $35k/year per person, “why wouldn’t you toss a few bucks to some of these traffickers?”; shift away from illegal immigration, ACC’s 2012-2013 Amsterdam exile
0:41:29Unhinged Rob Reiner and wife Michelle to Joy Reid: “pure and simple racism”, Auschwitz and evil Fox News memes, Godwin’s Law suspended by creator, “fascist playbook”, pants-wearing Michelle steamrolls Rob to gripe about election bots; Fletcher “republics are not democracies!
0:54:29Trump supporters as Nazis compilation, Oprah: “they just have to die”; forgotten 24-day hunger strike; Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó to BBC on rejecting multiculturalism
1:11:42Producer Segment
1:26:31ACC on unobtainable hearing aid programming software “protection racket”, JCD on shopping mall anti-loitering frequencies; Facebook ultrasonic cross-device tracking patent; KaiOS-based Nokia 8110, $22M Google investment; Slack and Google Home outages; ACC’s Mycroft hearing aid scheme, JCD: “to really top it off you need a big pee wet spot on your pants”
1:39:15California “marijuana blowout sale”; Hillary campaigner arrested on child rape charges
1:42:05Tesla Model 3 production deadline, JCD on cost of insurance killing muscle cars, Tesla irreparability, ACC on aviation control ergonomics, JCD story: Ford SYNC crash and reboot
1:48:46“Huma Abedin lookalike” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from-behind New York midterm win, ICE abolition platform, victory speech finger-wagging and “what I wanna make very, very clear” Hillary/Schumer cadence, JCD: another try for an Anthony Weiner clone
2:02:43ACC: “no nations no borders” crowd not pushing metric system, JCD on the evils of “ugly” A4 paper; Hillary at Oxford griping about “rising tide of illiberalism”, Putin’s “authoritarian, white supremacist, and xenophobic movement”, transparent get out and vote pitch
2:13:30Donation Segment
2:29:28Trump tariff on Canadian steel due to Chinese steel passing through on way to US
2:32:50The Day After Roswell author’s son links Korean War MIAs and UFOs; 2016 CNN “war in space!” documentary; former astronaut Don Pettit on going to moon: “we destroyed that technology”, JCD on iconic Saturn V, X-37B still in service, Buzz Aldrin suing own family
2:41:49Napa Red Hen restaurant taking blame for actions at Virginia restaurant of same name
2:44:20SCotUS: no more union dues from nonmembers, JCD stops calls from University of California