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1045 Pseudo-Addiction (2018-06-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Mah bad, mah bad, mah bad, mah bad, mah bad!” (1:26:31)
0:00:35Troll Room interpret’s ACC’s toast-making comment as QAnon-style clue
0:01:05Incoherent coked-up Tom Arnold on Michael Cohen “Trump tapes”, Jeopardy! music and “no” to CNN; to Nicolle Wallace: “he’s obviously a racist and he has racist people around him and he is cruel and he lies … it is so unsafe!”, Roseanne “full-on with the Nazis and with the racists and the, and just crazy crazy crazy”, Vice series promotion, JCD: “I can just see about three executives and him with a huge pile of white powder, oh, that’s a great idea, Tom!
0:18:53M5M “increasingly Donald Trump is turning this nation into Nazi Germany” compilation; June 30 March On protest; Sarah Sanders evicted from Lexington VA restaurant after complaints from gay staff; protests at Kirstjen Nielsen’s house, Maxine Waters: “the people are gonna turn on them, they’re gonna protest, they’re gonna absolutely harass them”; Hillary Clinton’s “chip in” campaign raises $1.5M; Kamala Harris visits border detention center
0:32:13Nonprofit Office of Refugee Resettlement’s $1.5bn in contracts, kid in New York with mother in El Paso, JCD: “this seems like child thievery”, Obama’s scheme to settle Syrians in Detroit; celebrity outrage rundown; Peter Emerson to MSNBC on “dehumani-izing” immigrants; Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care” jacket, ACC: “this can only end one way: violence”
0:43:23Jaron Lanier on social media algorithms amplifying negativity, JCD unimpressed; Tracey Ullman “this support group is for people who are so woke” video; Ullman’s The Simpsons empire; JCD’s #blocked routine; Lanier: Trump a victim of “Twitter addiction”
0:59:35Producer Segment: Free Scooter double entendre; Cornhole World Championship
1:39:49ACC OTG: Nokia 8110, “came with my Airstream” comeback skit; Cisco buying July Systems
1:46:39Purdue Pharma “pseudo-addiction” narrative for OxyContin, JCD: “also pseudo-overdose, and pseudo-death”; Anthony Bourdain autopsy “non-narcotic medicine in a therapeutic dose”
1:51:38ACC story: invention of podcasting in 2000 with slow but always-connected cable modems
1:55:15Missing FBI Strzok-Page text message emoji limited to smiley variants, no sexting
1:59:35Zookeeper producer note on death of “talking gorilla” Koko, lawsuit over human nipple fetish enforced by Francine Patterson, tales of kitten torture and dismemberment; “torpedo-like vibrator” use on bulls and stallions for breeding purposes
2:04:46California gubernatorial candidate John Cox campaigning to repeal new gas tax, Jerry Brown’s $15M slush fund, $5bn in tax revenue for “better street signage in Novato”
2:08:40Former Trump aide David Bossie “racist political activist” according to Wikipedia, “you’re out of your cotton-pickin’ mind” to Joel Payne; virtue-signaling Seth Rogen to Stephen Colbert on refusing photo request for Paul Ryan’s sons “very young white teenage men” (BCotD); ABC teases “showdown” between Trump haters Jeff Flake and Luis Gutierrez
2:18:41Netflix Sour Grapes documentary on hight-end wine con man Rudy Kurniawan
2:20:37Donation Segment
2:29:06Second Half of Show: Trump “Space Force!” and Aerospace Expeditionary Forces, Neil deGrasse Tyson: “the only reason why we went to the Moon is because we were at war with Russia”; NASA hacker Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden project, enormous military budget, watching for Trump clues, Corso’s The Day After Roswell, Eisenhower and Nixon read in
2:49:49Bashar al-Assad: Trump meeting “waste of time”; 30 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack
2:53:42Charles Krauthammer on conservatism vs neoconservatism; Project for the New American Century “new Pearl Harbor”; Krauthammer all-in on George W. Bush in 2005