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1044 Free Scooter! (2018-06-21)

Show 1044 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Machine guns in space!” (1:16:30)
0:00:35JCD’s Thorens turntable rediscovered, ACC breaking the edges off stack of his parents’ records
0:04:20OIG report hearings, Rep. Jamie Raskin: family separation “threatens to make us an international pariah”; Comey ass-covering theories, FBI emoji, Loretta Lynch’s itinerary leaked
0:12:11“Method actor” Rep. Elijah Cummings rants about “child internment camps”, “we do not need legislation”, tearyful wrap-up with “we need you to stand up to President Clump, Trump”
0:16:49ABC follows return of Guatemalan kid to parents deported eight months previously; Flores Agreement revisited; new Executive Order sure to outrage the left; hundreds of Yemeni prisoners tortured and sexually abused at secret UAE facility; Sen. Tammy Baldwin flummoxed by Brooke Baldwin about separations under Obama, “on the, on this issue, that, we, get into a moment where we’re making progress, and then when it, uh, when it stalls, uh, we turn around”, “nobody believes that we have an immigration system that works” (BCotD)
0:27:36Pro Publica anonymous audio-only crying children video; Rachel Maddow loses it over AP “tender age shelters” report, Lawrence O’Donnell: “this is a very difficult story to process”
0:33:40Virtue-signaling protesters including DoJ employee tormenting Kirstjen Nielsen at Mexican restaurant chanting “mike check!”, “shame!”, “no borders, no walls!”; producer note on death threats for family working at Otay Mesa facility, insults from visiting Nancy Pelosi
0:51:24Upcoming protests; PBS on Executive Order and zero-tolerance policy; libjo John Heilemann “we, I mean the Democratic Party” flub; ACC’s “Twitter fight” with Jen Briney; self-possessed Kirstjen Nielsen explains “we cannot detain families together”
1:06:15Trump attempts to deflect attention with “Space Force!”, TtK’s alien invasion suspicion, Show 1016 NDAA, only weapons of mass destruction prohibited by Outer Space Treaty
1:16:39Producer Segment
1:21:04ACC OTG: “I’m downsizing” E71 comeback; producer note on personal credit tied to Facebag; San Jose to regulate scooters, stealing Bird scooters with a small drill and $50 circuit board
1:30:06WHO classifies gaming disorder as mental health condition, JCD: “Oreos!”; ACC predicts report of immigrant children being drugged; VR pioneer and Comic Book Guy soundalike Jaron Lanier on reasons for avoiding “the great Silicon Valley spying empires” social media
1:41:48ACC on the Zen TV Experiment: “if this thing does not entertain you then you get pissed off at it”, counting “technical events”, TtK’s Instagram stories, alpha state phone zombies
1:54:26Today for Amazon Alexa for Hospitality native ad, “this is the New World Order, and these devices are gonna follow us wherever we go now”; JCD “Alexa, turn on the lights” fake story
1:59:18“It involves a trip to Grandma’s house” iso; ACC “reaching singularity” after visit to audiologist, “tough loss” in 300-1500 Hz range, Bluetooth-enabled Widex demo unit “party mode”
2:13:23Donation Segment: JCD blames recorder playing for dip in donations
2:30:47Fifteen-year wait and $12k to get connected to water mains in US Navajo Nation
2:32:43Meghan Markle’s father’s Trump conversation with Prince Harry; Hungary bans immigrant resettlement on World Refugee Day; South Sudan refugee crisis and meeting in Ethiopia
2:35:58Drunk or not drunk Jean-Claude Juncker “I would prefer to be drunk” to Irish Parliament
2:37:19National Academies on fighting academic sexual harassment; EU Parliament copyright bill
2:42:08FBI agent David Raynor suicided by Hillary Assassination Group; Mandalay Bay water main
2:43:44World Cup “Brexit final”; battery power in Norway; lower cancer risk in moderate drinkers
2:48:49Discover Science podcast: sheep can be trained to recognize Barack Obama’s face