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1043 Chuck Hole (2018-06-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ooh, it’s children!” (0:22:04)
0:00:32No Father’s Day breakfast in bed for JCD, text from CVC, low theme donation turnout
0:02:56Michael Hayden posts Auschwitz photo to protest separation of illegal immigrant families, Trump Rotation in full swing; NBC “national outrage” hit piece with hushed voiceover, Bible-quoting Jeff Sessions, JCD on NBC “B-roll room”, Giuliani impeachment non sequitur
0:18:33Dianne Feinstein on photo from 2014: “I didn’t really know enough about it at that time to focus on it”; virtue signalling J’Johnson: “if there were such a law I would know about it”, “it’s something that I feel obliged to speak out about”; ACC on California Democrats and 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement with child custody hierarchy signed off on by Supreme Court; Slate demonizing Stephen Miller for zero-tolerance policy, “Trump’s right-hand troll”
0:32:31Sarah Sanders refuses to comment on Rudy Giuliani’s love life, ACC Anthony Weiner laptop theory, JCD smokescreen theory; NBC’s Chris Hardwick #MeToo’ed by Chloe Dykstra, JCD on “who dis?” S&M photo and Marv Albert’s dominatrix saga, article as punishment, Mr. Robot and Billions, “hello Roger Stone”; corporate erasure of disgraced figures from existence
0:41:05ACC on Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and dangerous Silicon Valley electric scooters
0:45:29“Silicon Valley’s sweetheart” Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes indicted on ten counts of wire fraud, ACC on bamboozled tech press; baritone Kermit the Frog voice in Jim Kramer interview, ACC: “it sounds like her mouth is full of vape liquid”; Holmes struggling to maintain voice at “build great things” TEDMED presentation; busted by Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou
0:59:20Tim Draper to CNBC: “all she had to do was say this was a beta”, Holmes “transforming healthcare”; ACC on Holmes’ money-losing family history, Rupert Murdoch seed money, thrown under the bus by Silicon Valley venture capitalists, ACC: “she’ll look great in orange”
1:12:35Producer Segment: “chuck holes”
1:25:14Dominos ad with truck traveling around filling potholes; rainstick tips from Sherri Osborne
1:29:39Bay Area “sexually deviant” women arrested for having sex with high school “victims”
1:34:04Ukrainian journalist Arkady Babchenko fakes death in sting operation, deleted Agence France-Presse story with fatally wounded FSB gunman; no further details on World Cup visitors rammed by taxi driver; English-speaking Vladimir Putin “not bad, not bad at all”
1:43:11New York Times video on new beachfront development for tourists in Wonsan North Korea, “if Kim gives up bombs for beaches”, JCD on 220k-person soccer stadium; MSNBC’s “unhinged” Nicolle Wallace reduced to incoherent gobbling over Trump’s real estate pitch video, “what is wrong with them?!”, panelist: Trump “utter failure” at diplomacy (BCotD)
1:59:07ACC OTG: JCD on losing and finding his phone; millennial waitress “what is that??” for Nokia E71, “digital detox” ploy, Facebook ad urban legends, in search of apt response; JCD on borrowing phone “as long as you’re not calling Europe”, turning kids into talking tubes; Nokia investment opportunities; producer note on credit union installing automobile repo GPS
2:12:20Donation Segment: Wells Fargo seeking explanation for recurring donation
2:22:52Chuck Schumer: OIG report “strong repudiation” of FBI bias claims; FBI-media collusion, Mika Brzezinski: controlling what people think “our job”; Dan Bongino on Obama lying about WHCA-whitelisted Hillary e-mail account; Strzok-Page texts withheld from Congress
2:35:49Westminster Colorado shooting psychiatric medication defense met with skepticism
2:38:10Jurassic World actress Bryce Howard describes abuse on set via roller coaster
2:41:18WaPo employees beg Jeff Bezos for raises; JCD: “there’s no Seattle poop map!”; 1044 teaser