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1042 Two Dictators (2018-06-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Net neutrality, eugh!” (2:29:21)
0:00:33NBC’s Hallie Jackson summarizes North Korea summit: “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, crimes against humanity”; Shep Smith CVID “complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization” meme, “potholes of paths past”, “Kim Jong-un got it all, for actually doing nothing”, 120k political prisoners meme, Trump’s “very talented”; Fox “regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators” (CotD); Norah O’Donnell “denuclarizing”, George Stephanopolous “President Chump”
0:10:57CBS Overnight News lie: Pentagon surprised at suspension of “provocative” exercises, “beautiful beaches” ready for real estate development, repatriation of Korean War remains; G7 “communiqué”, Panmunjom Declaration for Peace; “great analysis” from Mike Morell; PBS on “jarring” reports from North Korean media, “buying time” meme; NBC on next steps
0:25:28Singapore drone shots, lunch menu Häagen-Dazs; Richard Engel on “curve ball” cancellation of war games “the cornerstone of the military alliance between the US and South Korea”; Huffington Post South Korea “blindsided” lie; Engel: “Kim Jong-un demanded it and President Trump complied”, Hallie Jackson “laundry list of horrors”, Trump reacts to “as you know” and Otto Warmbier; Guy Delisle’s graphic novel Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
0:39:06PBS summary: Trump declares “our country’s biggest enemy is the fake news”, Brolf: “we are not the enemy of the American people, we love the American people”; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: “that’s all they’ve got” for midterms, New York Times’ Mara Gay concerned about Russia distraction; ACC’s fishmonger fearing repeat of German reunification; Steve Pieczenik: “I expect a trifecta to come out of Singapore”; ACC: Qanon “keeping people busy”
0:55:55Apologies to Marc Maron for Chantix fail, “you’ve got pharma”; JCD’s Newsletter typo; Rose McGowan defends Asia Argento; JAMA pharmaceuticals and depression smokescreen
1:07:00Producer Segment: missing Half Krugerrand; repossessing cars with “terrifying” technology
1:26:06Costco hearing aids for ACC, JCD story: ACC’s Costco tantrum; rainsticks for Colorado
1:32:15Facebag rebuttal to Congress with laundry list of data points collected, “without consent” stipulation, “how users use features like our camera”; ACC on talking tube regexes
1:42:44“Chony” Awards: ACC’s U-verse freeze for Bruce Springsteen; Robert De Niro’s “I’m gonna say one thing: fuck Trump” rant to frenzied cheers, lame Raging Bull victory lap, JCD: “how stupid are these people?”; De Niro Trump Rotation rant at Breslin American Writer Awards, “mean-spirited, soulless, a moral, abusive con-artist son of a bitch”, “I’m not political, but I am now”; Noma Dumezweni: Trump not allowed to see Harry Potter; “royalty of Broadway” Patti LuPone: “I hate the motherfucker, how’s that?”; ACC recommends HBO’s Barry
1:57:00Nature reveals butterflies are diurnal “colorful moths”; JCD’s bionic eye overwhelmed by brightness, LED lightbulb tip: buy 2700-3000°K 100+ lm/W TIWIN or XMprimo
2:06:55Donation Segment: greater celandine eye relief; podcast ad revenue at $314M for 2017
2:16:00Emmanuel Macron “no leader is eternal”; Comcast’s cash offer for 21st Century Fox in light of AT&T’s Time Warner takeover, ACC predicts demise of AT&T in favor of Sprint/T-Mobile
2:29:07Mozilla Foundation’s “haughty” Mitchell Baker: “we had no money for marketing”, no mention of $275M Google search box, “we were building the internet as a public asset”
2:36:26Producer notes on G Suite, PBIS “manifesting meetings”, promo, dumbed-down Radio Shack tests, PBIS equality; “excuse me Adam, but you’ve got a plane to catch”
2:52:08DHS warning about vulnerability of Boeing 757 to hackers, ACC on BUAP remote control