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1040 Pardon Me (2018-06-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “I think that’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool, right? … Oh man, this is cool!” (1:40:35)
0:00:39Gloomy in California, “lousy” game won by JCD’s Warriors
0:01:55Trump “trolling” media with talk of self-pardon, Giuliani “no intention of pardoning himself”, three original federal crimes; Media Research Center “constitutional crisis” compilation
0:07:55Rudy Giuliani to “Todd” Chuck; Chris Matthews to Morning Joe on “real liberal” Robert Kennedy and elitist Democrats, “lowercase D”; Chasing Hillary book, JCD on elitist Kennedy; Kathleen Kennedy to NewsHour on Sirhan Sirhan not acting alone, JCD MLK payback theory
0:19:06Today Show grills Bill Clinton about Lewinsky apology; Stephen Colbert on “tone-deaf response” from “the CNN”, “would you like a do-over on that answer?”, Clinton’s disgusting sticky mouth, James Patterson: “he’s just a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful human being”; Clinton to CBS on media treating Obama differently; JCD on “Harold Stassen” Hillary
0:38:01Gavin Newsom’s anti-Trump platform, convenient Republican opponent John Cox
0:40:06WWDC “pretty cool” applause line, “great updates” to News app “ah, to make a, a great collection of curated content”; Facebag hiring Anderson Pooper, Shep Smith, and Jorge Ramos
0:47:21ACC OTG: iOS SDK voice triggers in Xcode; JCD on eBay “deal on corpses” in Google’s early days, ACC’s TWiT voice ad prediction; T-Mobile DIGITS iMessage replacement, banned for using command line WhatsApp API; Whole Foods “greeter” pushing Amazon Prime
1:00:57Producer Segment: JCD’s upcoming cataract surgery
1:18:02Podcast host’s ad for Exoprotein bug bars; cockroach sushi in China
1:22:53Anti-Defamation League’s endless list of numerological “hate symbols”, racist ABC song
1:27:55“Narrow ruling” meme for Supreme Court “gay wedding cake” case, The View “I’m an artist, I’m a stand-up comic”, giggling “I love the gays!”, dissent by “OGRGB” and Sotomayor; ABC The Rookie 40 “old as Hell” ageism from black female “dick” character
1:37:18Tech News: Windows 10 Task View timeline gripes; NPR on Facebag data sharing on smartphones, 290k user ids from a single account; JCD’s GDPR article and “best practices” cop-out
1:46:51Digital Single Market copyright proposal, sketchy dire warnings about Article 13, ACC: “this thing has Google written all over it”, “information society service providers”, “widespread censorship of all the content you share online” fearmongering
2:02:23Donation Segment
2:10:51ITN report on MI6 spy Ammon Dean, possibly outed to reporters by short-lived CIA Director Porter Goss; 92M MyHeritage accounts leaked by hackers; CSI-style Rapid DNA technology
2:20:28ABC on “blistering” report on James Comey’s “October surprise” announcement
2:23:10Dogs Are People Too: Michigan State University bestiality; new flu strains in Chinese dogs
2:27:40JCD on celebrity journalists at Tavern on the Green, Bob Schieffer “I’m not sure the Republican Party’s gonna survive”; CNN conspiracy theories about Melania Trump’s disappearance
2:35:46USAF help line abbreve-fest: “for ARMS, DAS&E, CMOS, LOGMOD, OVIMS, and SMAS”
2:37:16Clip Blitz: women carrying 23 of student load debt; Miss America dropping swimsuit competition; protests over Google’s San Jose campus plan; Microsoft’s experimental underwater data center; surge in military veterans running for office as Democrats
2:42:03Bilderberg Group meeting in Italy; retiring Monsanto jingle due to acquisition by Bayer, Disneyland Monsanto House of the Future; Elon Musk delays tourist moon trips and Model 3; millennials on Bird scooters and producer adoption of traffic thumbs-down
2:44:52NPR on “war against plastic straws”, viral video of sea turtle with straw lodged in nostril