Call Clooney!

1039 Bot Cops (2018-06-03)

Show 1039 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Aww, wow! Write these things down, John!” (1:04:45)
0:00:36JCD’s Louie Louie collection; ACC’s late start due to semi-OTG phone and hexane-laced decaf; slow clap for JCD’s Show 1037 “Adam has to… do something on Thursday” and “genius” eloping in Vegas Newsletter scheme; new San José del Cabo hotel with phone-addict models
0:12:50ACC’s Spanish Facebag ads, “toxic” culture and Google Orkut’s “transsexuals in Brazil”, “I deactivated my account”; angry Redditers, shift from Obama-worshipping to Trump-hating media considered harmful; ACC’s plan to propose to TtK; No Agenda Transcripts
0:28:09Roseanne Barr blames Ambien for Valerie Jarrett tweet leading to show cancellation; “otherworldly” ratings for ABC, ACC on distraction from “shit movie” Solo, JCD on Rob Reiner Hollywood peer pressure and Last Man Standing: “this was their exit strategy”; ABC on “firestorm”, “racism is not a known side effect”, Bob Iger’s virtue signalling apology call, writers “out of a job”, ACC: “it would’ve been smarter if she said Valerie Jarrett is a lizard”
0:42:15Samantha Bee’s uninteresting “cunt” attack, 9/11 truther Joy Reid, Olbermann profanity
0:46:25Facebag shareholders’ one-share-one-vote proposal, ACC: Instagram “much happier place”
0:48:51MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Trump’s premature jobs report tweet: “we saw volume change”; CNN’s John King: “find a President of the United States talking about, tweeting about, communicating about the unemployment report before it came out, I dare you”, Obama: “tomorrow we’re expecting another dismal jobs report”, JCD: “these guys are just on these shows lying through their teeth”; PBS NewsHour on suggestions Trump broke law
0:57:21KQED Fleetwood Mac fund drive “I think one of the things that makes the band so popular is that you can relate to them as people”, JCD: “what??”, ACC: “it also reminds me of my cocaine-fueled heyday”; ACC’s Lindsey Buckingham and Jermaine Jackson gaffes; PBS President’s “sustainers”, JCD on cheapskate PBS “the number at the bottom of the screen”
1:07:22Producer Segment: Show 1038’s ancient evergreen album art
1:35:47East Austin neighborhood with more dogs than children; rarity of 1200-square-foot houses, New York banker building dorms; Financial Times New York 750 square foot studio at $1.8M
1:40:37Abortion laws relaxed in Ireland and Argentina; Italy’s Five Star Party in coalition with far right, “first real Trump-like government”, anti-euro economist Paolo Savona “an insult to Europe”, potential “junk bond status”; socialist takeover of Spain; Trump “kicking the bloc where it hurts” with steel & aluminum tariffs, JCD on Trump’s naive belief in keeping campaign promises; Mexican candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s “one-eyed and toothless”; ACC on “don’t tear my sign” phrase from the chaise, thumbs-down alternative to middle finger
1:56:43Jimmy Kimmel man on the street “can you name a book”, ACC’s Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Horse by Moby Dick, “I was a librarian” (CotD)
2:01:16“We all know guys like Gavin” ad against Gavin Newsom with Trump association
2:06:07War on Cash: Visa down across Europe due to “glitch”, British millennial speculates about server problems; ACC on children in “app slave pipeline” (ACCPPotD); producer note on meaning of H-2B “crab picking”, creepy junk mail from free Wi-Fi beacons
2:18:22Donation Segment: CrowdStrike GTS racing sponsorship
2:36:02Producer note on creepy A Connecticut Yankee telemarketer; CNBC on smartphone addiction by design, ACC’s E71 selfie; Apple WWDC “digital health”, app developer on getting “pretty detailed but not overly detailed” activity reports; former Google design ethicist on bot ID laws, ACC: Amazon poised to create ultimate ad network, JCD’s “robot girl” call, “bot cops”