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1038 End of An Era (2018-05-31)

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0:00:32Intro to final Sir Ramsey Cain best-of show
0:02:42“Jingle mingling” trigger warning
0:03:03Upcoming Chrome plug-in “Soothe”: “questionable content is blurred out” (924@1:35:27)
0:04:16USPACOM not certain North Korea “is not going to attack South Korea or Japan”, former ambassador: “treaty-bound” to defend South Korea, “threat to our lives”; missile defense “if it flies it will die”; Newt Gingrich: “he killed his girlfriend and her entire band” (924@2:16:57)
0:20:23Salon five reasons Maxine Waters should be president (920@3:00:29)
0:23:091984 “doublethink” (918@0:57:29)
0:24:201997’s Wag the Dog, ironic De Niro “I’d like to punch him in the face” (919@0:00:35)
0:28:57Dimension B: Morning Joe Trump “petulant brat”, mental illness, JCD: “these are the guys who are obsessed on something”, “if any CEO behaved this way, they would have been fired by the board”, “Article 25”; Joy Behar “Kim Jong Yung Yung” (CotD) (918@0:04:15)
0:37:55Rising Star: the Making of Barack Obama “friendship beyond the classroom” between “Barry” Obama and openly gay professor Lawrence Goldin, consideration of same-sex relationship, author: true sexual orientation “not something I speculate upon”, JCD: “the guy’s trying to say yes”, ACC: “so apparently it is a choice”, $400k healthcare conference speech (925@2:36:53)
0:45:01Whoopi Goldberg disallows mention of Hillary’s lying on The View, Sunny Hostin: “she was the most qualified candidate for president that we’ve ever had” (926@0:25:21)
0:53:02Rob & Carl Reiner to Tavis Smiley on “submerged” racism (917@1:41:50)
0:56:59Mastodon SJWs flagging ACC as “abuser”, millennial crowdfunding pages, “loserdom” business model, dorm room window PayPal links (925@1:29:57)
1:03:43SJWs triggered by Cinco de Mayo cultural appropriation (928@2:46:16)
1:06:59University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson on Bill C-16: “I don’t believe that other people have the right to determine what language I use, especially when it’s backed by punitive legislation”, SJWs all female, Suffragette hypocrisy (923@1:43:06)
1:15:13NYT op-ed blames “smug liberal media” Samantha Bee for Hillary’s loss, hysterical laugh, “we make a show for ourselves, we put it out in the world, we birth it” (926@0:37:52)
1:21:43Petulant Jeremy Scahill: fascists “don’t have a right to speak on television” (919@1:54:07)
1:26:05North Korean “defiant misfire” missile test; long-range ballistic missiles on parade; Deutsche Welle expert frets over Trump provocation; possible nuclear test on Kim Il-sung anniversary, David Martin on Kadena Air Base prepping F-15s, Mattis being diplomatic; electric grid and cyberattack meme, DARPA project to “gin up” alternate network if “grid is fried”; JCD on saber rattling vs reunification, post-Park South Korean weapons “buyer” (921@0:34:33)
1:43:57MSNBC’s Michael Crowley: Trump trying to play “dangerous” mind games with North Korea, “suggesting that we’re just crazy enough to the thing that George W. Bush or Barack Obama would never do”, military “discipline and uniformity”, Nicolle Wallace “passed the madman test with flying colors” conflation with Kim Jong-un; ACC nose blow fail (922@2:34:12)
1:47:31Jay Rosen flinches at Dame Tanya’s No Agenda name-drop (922@2:37:48)
1:49:05North Korean Deputy UN Ambassador: “thermonuclear war may break out at any moment”; Trump refuses to “telegraph what I’m doing or what I’m thinking”, “they’ve all been outplayed by this gentleman”; North Korean numbers station at 3266.9 kHz (922@2:39:20)
1:54:54Outro: Sir Ramsey Cain goes out in “blaze of glory”