Call Clooney!

1037 Bug Ramen (2018-05-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, we got shrooms!” (0:11:39)
0:00:33“Superfood” cockroach milk, JCD reptilians theory; Hawaii volcanoes as Jurassic World plug; ACC at Kemuri Tatsu-Ya with New York banker, “ramen and bugs”, “shrooms and bacon”
0:12:10British activist Tommy Robinson jailed for reporting on trial of Pakistani pedophile child grooming cabal, Criminal Justice Act of 1925 and D-Notice to prevent coverage
0:20:19Former State Department Richard Engel Stengel: “I’m not against propaganda”
0:23:46Producer note on Facebag “ads” dictating election and need to analyze Electoral College participants; John Brennan all over “MSNBShe”, “informant” definition; ACC recommends Fahrenheit 451 remake, JCD recommends original, talking tubes “going dark”
0:30:28Joe Scarborough’s Siri activates on “seriously” while whining about Trump; Portland Amazon Echo owner’s voice recording sent to random address book contact, ACC on recent “call Tina” episode, “skip logic to the extreme”; new Book of Knowledge voice, “Siri is a whore
0:36:07JCD on Democrats’ billionaire appeal; “Todd Chuck” on Pennsylvania Chester and Schuylkill County demographics, JCD: “I went shoppin’”, $18k 26-bedroom former convent, ACC: “call Natali Del Conte!”, working poor going Republican; $900 per square foot in Austin, JCD on uninhabited Tower of Doom, Something’s Just Not Right in California jingle
0:46:03Woman sits on BART train syringe needle, similar cases “one or twice a month”, ACC on PrEP and HIV prevention, JCD on “fake TV cameras”; TtK’s daughter notices homeless population spike; BART Antioch extension enabled by “a compromise that cut the cost in half” with biodiesel over electric, New York banker’s Mini hybrid using battery for acceleration
0:58:08Producer note on Fiskar not working for Tesla; final Ramsey Cain best-of show for Thursday
1:00:27Producer Segment: $0.37 vs $0.38 votes of confidence
1:18:47“Named storm” Alberto nearing Gulf Coast, “center” making landfall, JCD: “this is just to pad the stats!”, “more tornadoes!” skit; Amy Goodman in 2014 on 400 ppm “grim milestone”
1:24:29Roger Stone to Meet the Press on being subject of FISA warrant, highlights “the Podestas”
1:28:27Sexual Harassment Update: Morgan “God himself” Freeman exposed by CNN, skirt-lifting geezer, “flirtatious”, “boy do I wish I was there” of pregnant interviewer Chloe Melas, JCD counts tweets about Freeman; Harvey Weinstein perp walk in handcuffs
1:46:49Cisco and FBI warn about 500k “networking devices” compromised by “foreign cyber actors”, unprecedented reboot recommendation “to temporarily disrupt the malware”, ACC’s router’s DNS misbehavior; JCD on .ccom typos uncorrected by “smart” browsers
1:54:45CBS native ad with Holly Williams on Swedish meatball origin with IKEA kicker
2:00:00Donation Segment: producer Philip Dunn’s book Media Collusion and
2:21:32Erdoğan recommends conversion of savings from other currencies to Turkish lira, elections next month; “some calling for compensation” for National Australia Bank outage
2:24:31David “Hogg Mafia” organizing Jesse Jackson style shakedown of Publix grocery chain
2:30:41French protests over Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms
2:31:51“NoKo” Pence/Bolton hate; ABC on secret meeting to salvage talks; DMZ meeting after cancellation; Aunt Meg unenthusiastic about Trump; JCD on Korean arms deal replacement
2:43:04Gerhard Schröder irked at Nord Stream 2 interference; new electric-only houses in EU
2:49:15FiveThirtyEight on “familiar with the thinking”; Wisdom of Psychopaths top ten jobs list
2:54:45Dogs Are People Too: New York banker confirms urban phenomenon; Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker “furry baby” ad; JMD’s “meet and greet” nut case requiring use of Dog Dazer device