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1036 Braking Algos (2018-05-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “You’re taking me away from the dogs, man, but okay.” (1:56:12)
0:00:33JCD’s pile of non-working pens; ACC’s “insane” Nest terms of service
0:02:51Federal Court rules Trump can’t block Twitter feed under First Amendment, ACC applies principle to Washington Post paywall; proposed UK newsstand “porn pass”
0:08:22Miss Universe 2018: final “blank sign and a marker” question, winner Nebraska “speak your voice”, North Carolina sexual assault victim, Nevada “eliminate homelessness”; “using our voice in a powerful way” bullcrap, ACC: “where was the DACA chick?”, JCD North Carolina scandal avoidance, Nebraska “connectioning through the cameras” evening gown “strategy”
0:23:41Sexual Harassment Update: USC clinic gynecologist scandal; Asia Argento calls out Weinstein
0:28:51ACC’s new Raspberry Pi-based “Book of Knowledge”
0:34:10BBC investigative journalist Paul Wood on Ukraine paying Michael Cohen for Trump access
0:37:14Spygate: NBC on campaign infiltration by FBI, Hallie Jackson: Trump “furious and fixated, according to sources familiar with his thinking” (CotD); Sally Yates to Morning Joe on Trump’s “all-out assault on the rule of law”; Michael Caputo on “intermediary” peddling Hillary e-mails in 2016; Adam Schiff frets about danger of disclosures to “nonsense” spy
0:52:32WaPo’s Robert Costa on spook Stefan Halper, “we held back institutionally on the name”
0:56:01Body cam audio from Trump National Doral shooting by zombie-like Jonathan Oddi
0:59:33James Clapper to Judy Woodruff on spies vs informants, ACC: “release the Yanny-Laurel clip!”, JCD Minox camera scenario; Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell: “a recruited asset of a law enforcement agency”; stammering Clapper to The View: “they were spying on — a term I don’t particularly like”, Russians “bent on undermining our system”, Sunny Hostin: “I don’t like the term spy either”, CI “confidential informant”, JCD on spotting spooks who refuse to name Halper, Clapper: spying activities “pretty mild”, “it’s pretty chilling” for recruitment
1:11:57Clapper on 2013 lie to Ron Wyden, “James Snowden”, “it isn’t a lie, I was thinking about something else”, “in the euphemistic way he asked about it, I didn’t break the code”; Wyden “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans” revisited; Steele dossier “not an intelligence document”; Judy Woodruff “stunned” that Russia turned election
1:21:48Producer Segment
1:31:52Babbling Rob Reiner on “biggest scandal in American history”, Shock and Awe movie plug, Fox “state-run television”; Obama Fox News compilation; Reiner: Mueller working “at breakneck speed”; CNBC on Elon Musk’s call for journalist “Pravda”, “people are overlooking the fundamentals that are there”, Consumer Reports critical of Model 3 “braking algos”
1:46:21Dogs Are People Too: Shark Tank PupBox “puppy parents” ad; Neuticles “fake balls are a real business”; Frontier Airline service dog allergy tiff; producer on dog-obsessed single men
1:58:06Producer note on PayPal and TSA always triggering on name Muhammad
2:02:27Maryland “crab picker” shortage and H-2B visa lottery; limoncello from Dame Elyse
2:08:16TMZ on Obamas “officially in show biz”, ACC “Barry and Mike”
2:10:59Donation Segment: ACC’s “sell-a-bretties” from China TV
2:19:10Female stalker “following the number 33”; Russian World Cup doll with red phallic whistle
2:25:43New study recommends an egg a day; Tiny Swarm “space bee” satellites requiring FCC licenses
2:29:13NRA head Oliver North on violence and Ritalin; judge orders 30-year-old from parents’ home
2:32:47L.Z. Granderson on NFL flag code violations; Rep. Keith Ellison This Land is Your Land
2:39:42Cuba-like sound attack at US Consulate in Guangzhou, ACC: “MKULTRA, baby!”