Call Clooney!

1035 Hundos (2018-05-20)

Show 1035 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It’s scrumptious!” (1:35:46)
0:00:31Show start ATZ “after the Zephyr”; British royal wedding “moment of unrestrained joy for in British cucumber industry”; ACC on applause muted due to cell phone filming, journos dressed to the nines; $1.4bn influx mostly from tourism and retail; PBS panel on Meghan Markle’s presidential potential; ACC in Prince Harry’s illegitimacy and no threat to bloodline
0:14:22MI6-CIA union with Clooney; PBS on British feast traditions, “heron, seagull, porpoise, and swan”, “fashion accessory” knives, Tudor farting etiquette; ACC on incongruity of institutional misogyny; media “gay guys”; JCD curious about Markle’s “skills”; fruitcake auction
0:24:16ABC on Santa Fe High School shooting, “explosive devices”, stolen shotgun and .38 revolver; Joe Biden “get a shotgun!”, JCD: “they went off script!”; QAnon “something goin’ down tomorrow”, “carnival shysters” and conspiracy theorists coming out of woodwork, military IED “devices” vs “CO2 canister wrapped with gaffer’s tape”; Donate:60 campaign for high school graduation speeches “not intended to divide along party lines but to unite”; ACC on Austin Under 40 Awards Gala undocumented speaker; Illinois movement to defund police
0:40:13Gina Haspel confirmed, New York Times Trump campaign spy bombshell; ACC Stefan Halper theory, Rolling Stones “Crossfire Hurricane” mission, CIA vs DIA, Halper in London before start of FBI investigation, CrowdStrike’s Ukrainian origins, You Can’t Always Get What You Want “her bloodstained hands”, “Occam’s Razor is a double-edged sword”; CBS Rudy Giuliani & Kellyanne Conway recap, JCD on Carter White House spook from George H.W. Bush
0:56:36Stingray devices found all over Washington D.C. area, concentrated near embassies
1:00:42Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s Ruby Ridge “anti-government rant”, JCD: “nice try”
1:03:45Producer Segment: ACC social media “meeds”; “couple of hundos”
1:12:37JCD on Rachel Maddow’s sad “you poor thing” look; Ebola found in Congo river port city, WHO’s Dr. Peter Salama on “no regrets policy”, vaccine “is not a silver bullet”
1:17:32Dangerous Doses author Katherine Eban to PBS on 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredients made in China, antibiotics and fermentation, FDA unequipped to deal with foreign manufacturers, Chinese “data falsification teams”, “opioids, let’s market them to children!”
1:30:21Stephen Paddock’s ZTE phone; Trump tweet calls Melania “Melanie”; non-story of Donald Trump Jr. uninterested in campaign social media effort; cloud-based storage of nuclear secrets
1:34:24JCD irked by Martha Stewart’s overuse of “scrumptious”, sketchy history of “piping hot”
1:38:29JEDI Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure; CNBC “oil is up 1.5%” after Iran sanctions
1:40:20California births at lowest rate in a century; producer note on dog boarding kennel’s insane clients; Denver urban greenery being destroyed by peeing dogs
1:47:50Koch Brothers courting Hispanics by praising Democrats; Rep. Jackie Speier’s bogus “survivor of gun violence” claim, JCD on Jonestown shooting; ACC on ebola and Congo elections
1:55:05ACC OTG: producer notes on LBS location-based services algos, pay-per-click fraud
2:03:35Donation Segment
2:12:42Creepy Google Lamarckian epigenetics video; ACC “artificial interpretation”
2:22:34Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf on Trump’s obstruction of justice recommendation, solicited Washington Post op-ed; Maryland seafood industry crippled by H-2B visa lottery situation
2:26:59Live Action’s Lila Rose on Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding funneled back into DNC
2:29:49Vinod Khosla fighting to restrict access to his public beachfront property
2:33:59“If you didn’t have time to support independent bookstores today, there’s always tomorrow”