Call Clooney!

1034 Privilege Walk (2018-05-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ughh, ughh, Trump’s a creep, ughh, yeah, Trump!” (1:37:29)
0:00:37JCD’s roll of quarters for a fistfight; “Yanny or Laurel” bandpass filter demonstration
0:04:43Morning Edition on American Airlines’ crackdown on emotional support animals; impotence crisis in UK; Prof. Jordan Peterson on “infinite number of available facts”, Trump and ZTE
0:09:59NAACP president’s Facebag racial profiling traffic stop account vs body cam video; 33% jump in diagnoses of severe depression from 2013 to 2016; millennial producer on OTG withdrawal, ACC on phone “knobs”, proposed spring-loaded tether and Bob Dylan harmonica brace
0:21:42ACC’s open-source Mycroft talking tube, high-tech Echo microphone array; LocationSmart mobile tracking test; JCD on phone spying vs butt dialing, proximity-based interests
0:36:39Facebook deletes 1.3bn fake accounts; two-tier Twitter API pricing, Library of Congress throws in the towel; Microsoft Word suggests “parental leave” in place of “ maternity leave”
0:46:16ABC on North Korea threatening to pull out of summit, John Bolton “we have very much in mind the Libya model”, Trump “mused” about Peace Prize; The Economist on “decapitation” exercise with South; NBC “summit standoff”, Rex Tillerson “alternative realities” non-sequitur
0:58:34Jerusalem embassy and Ivanka vs Palestine meme; Princeton Prof. Eddie Glaude to MSNBC: “all of those babies are dead!”; spook Richard Engel irked over border tear gas drones, ACC sweetens “calling for rockets to fly”; Israeli producer cites JCD’s “self-loathing Jews”
1:07:55Producer Segment: Troll Room footage for YouTube; “hundos”; “Scud Stud” Arthur Kent
1:21:36California Yoga studio explosion from “package that blew up”, “device” meme
1:26:28Mark Warner “master of chaos” for Trump Rotation; Tucker Carlson drops ball on “Russian troll indictment” fight; Antifa bike lock wielder outed as Diablo Valley College ethics professor
1:36:09Prof. Jed Shugerman talks Kushner-Qatar conspiracies with “unctuous” Rachel Maddow; child pornography charges for Vault 7 CIA hacking tool thief; New York Magazine story on Trump talking to Sean Hannity after hours, JCD: “what’s this Wi-Fi, it says FBI Surveillance Van!
1:46:55Vote to “restore” net neutrality for the sake of organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm
1:48:54JCD irked at Michigan State University paying $500M settlement to 332 abused gymnasts; David Rockefeller family art collection liquidated for nearly $1bn; JCD’s wine-selling plan
1:58:03Donation Segment: challenge coins explained
2:10:21Networks cutting commercial time to keep millennials engaged; NBC on high school honors student ditching college for technical school; ACC on H-2B visa Whole Foods shortages
2:16:43Katie Couric joins Columbia “privilege walk”; Jeopardy! “who is Vladimir Putin on the Ritz?”
2:20:0346% rise in pedestrian deaths since 2009, Über slam, Buick Regal “active hood”, JCD blames black clothing; Elon Musk dropping reorganization hints amid executive departures
2:25:16Meghan Markle’s father’s health issues blamed on warning letter from half brother
2:29:53Jake Tapper on The Hellfire Club book and secret societies in American history; JCD on real-life crime, necrophilia, and sex clubs; Tom Wolfe dies at 88
2:38:01Memo about CrowdStrike “cloud-based antivirus tool” Falcon; Bernie Sanders goes after Jeff Bezos for making $33bn in four months; Seattle payroll tax for the homeless; The Gap to destroy shirts lacking Taiwan on map of China; Licking County OH giving out naloxone kits
2:47:32Iran-Europe business deals in jeopardy, Gerhard Schröder “head of the executive board at Rosneft”, 20% of Peugeot market in Iran (CotD); Europe dealing with Iran in euros; Tehran protesters targeting “previously untouchable Supreme Leader”, Farsi Fire and Fury tweet
2:54:30Frozen foods being rebranded to appeal to millennials, JCD predicts “canned food craze”