Call Clooney!

1033 Swagger (2018-05-13)

Show 1033 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Oh yeah, the millennials are the new dogs.” (1:15:10)
0:00:34Happy Mother’s Day, Belgian diminutive Moederkesdag
0:02:24CBS teaser for McCain “mockery by a White House aide”; JCD bugged conference room theory, “statement of fact”, “shithole” parallel; CBS “stinging comment”; ABC morphs story into Giuliani & Cohen; Dimension A hysteria over MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace “wring her neck”
0:15:26MSNBC “press bunch” on Melania Trump’s “go good, be good, be whatever her thing was called” program, “I don’t know the difference any more between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Sanders”, “our colleagues who have to live through that horror show every day”
0:21:40Tom Steyer’s NextGen America Mother’s Day ad “talk to your child about the GOP”, incel/gay innuendo; proposed British law for months or years in jail for internet trolling
0:26:14JCD irked by Eurovision Song Contest winner Israel’s Netta Barzilai chicken dance “Toy”
0:33:52Tensions in Israel ahead of US embassy opening, Palestinians “attaching firebombs to kites”
0:38:38Catholic-themed New York Met Gala costume ball, ACC: “I would have shown up in a burqa”
0:42:28Starbucks new open bathroom policy; West Sacramento using ZenCity “artificial intelligence to spider through” social media; NPR on police body camera facial recognition, JCD: “this is Robocop”, “especially faulty when it comes to seeing the differences in darker faces”, bullshit DNA parallel; ACC on video of terrified black woman trying to refuse to sign speeding ticket
0:54:51Reuters journalist gushes over student’s plant health app, “TensorFlow is behind it all!”; Singapore Airport considering facial recognition; GDPR “more data than needed” metric
1:01:36JCD irked by PBS “zany Howard Hawks romcom”, “hey, you an’ the fam gonna stay an’ watch the romcom tonight, like ah learned to speak English on KQED and ah’m stupid!
1:03:59Producer Segment: Sir Onymous of Dogpatch on lack of potholes in China (JCDPPotD)
1:26:09Insys fentanyl racketeering and big pharma speaker programs; Schedule I for CBD upheld
1:32:29Norman Lear Center’s potential anti-Trump CBD spin, Gates & Soros funding, panel condemns World War Z, “that’s really a great question”, “it’s gonna need to be Trojan Horsed in”; Symantec’s Eric Chien on home routers disabling internet; Real to Reel newsletter headlines
1:47:09ABC sneaks AR-15 into jilted boyfriend shooting story; reverse native ad for burning iPhone, “you may love their baby back ribs” Chili’s credit card hack; Equifax loses passport numbers
1:52:09Drunk or Not Drunk: George W. Bush “very important for our fellow cishishens to remember”; Monica Lewinsky uninvited to event after Bill RSVP; ACC on #MeToo “pound me too”; NBC congratulates itself for “thorough and objective” internal Matt Lauer investigation
1:57:12NPR on Trump’s Indiana “call to arms”; Neil Cavuto calls out Cathy Areu for Trump hate
1:59:14BBC on US offer to rebuild North Korea after denuclearization; Pompeo-Kim camera angles
2:01:33Donation Segment: JCD on Hawaiian plate shift and island formation; IPAWS false alarm
2:19:16Whistling Obama on creating “a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas”
2:23:08Justin Trudeau’s backfiring call for “a little more swagger on the world stage”; AI “a tool and a lever to improve one’s own success”, “how algorithms think”, “a more STEM-ish approach”; Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Mari Ellen Loijens resigns in #MeToo disgrace
2:33:23Kilauea threatening steam explosion; crash in prices for recycled materials, bottle deposits for the homeless; rape and arson murder in India; stabbings in Paris
2:42:11Susan Pinker TED talk on link between longevity and “social integration”; CBS on teens in Paradigm Malibu social media addiction rehab center
2:49:52ACC OTG: JCD on danger of drinking before going on air; Symbian OS open source