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1032 Going Vertical (2018-05-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “I dunno why he needs karma for polygraphs.” (2:10:07)
0:00:32JCD’s new “valve mic” with massive XLR power supply
0:02:15MSNBC “genius” Ronan Farrow on #MeToo champion New York AG Eric Schneiderman’s resignation over “slaps, hitting, choking”; Tucker Carlson on Trump’s 2013 “worse than Spitzer or Weiner” tweet, Clinton Foundation carte blanche; Michael Avenatti’s dodgy GWU background, opposition research on 150 political campaigns, The Apprentice idea theft case
0:14:43NBC on Michael Cohen “selling access” accusation, short-lived Russia collusion headline, “linked to Russian oligarch” meme, Novartis and AT&T payments, NBC “has reviewed financial documents” supporting Avenatti’s claims; ABC leaves out fact that promised access to Trump never materialized, bogus “right-hand of the President”
0:26:31Three political prisoners released by North Korea for middle-of-the-night Trump show; Gen. Tom McInerney to Fox Business News on unexpectedness of “exchanging hostages”; obvious NBC Trump Nobel Prize edit, Singapore makes final cut for summit, JCD on Chinese chef exodus from Hong Kong to Vancouver & Singapore, ACC on ATC fees for flights passing over
0:33:56ACC looking for more yelling at Iran, no actual treaty under Obama; obscure JCD isos; “dead, dead, dead” Boeing deal with Iran Boeing; John Kerry’s daughter married to Iranian national
0:40:16NBC on high pollen counts due to “warmer temperatures caused by climate change”; Austin in top four for Amazon headquarters in spite of exploding backhoe
0:43:26Ask Adam: dog bed ad on Amazon shopping; ACC’s too-large Dog Dazer II with 12kHz harmonic, “dogs look at me”; producer notes on owner and pet insanity, ownership demographics, ACC on canine carbon emissions, “something to take care of that they can get rid of easily”
0:57:47Producer Segment
1:08:31Google “Evilcorp” I/O 2018 “AI” restaurant reservation demo, JCD: “tube, can you call Gennaro’s…”; Sundar Pichai on Android “shush” feature, JCD: “middle finger extended”, usage dashboard spyware for “meaningful engagement”; ACC on problem of monetizing voice search; Alexa for Business promo: “shall I send your job to printer 3?”
1:31:24ACC OTG: Google I/O pronoun stickers; Nokia C3 Spanish keyboard, winner E71 MMS/e-mail gateway, HTML note pages, JCD on confusing Amazon with VPN
1:44:46Copenhagen city bike system compromised by hacker; ACC researching “dolphin hack”; NIH “All of Us” program for “very secure database” of donor DNA; Über “going vertical” with flying taxis, ACC: “these guys need money!”, NASA deal, deadly Osprey tilt rotor
1:56:12Delta flight cabin smoke evacuation, ACC on passengers bent over for dental records, marketing effort for newer planes; Simon Sinek on dopamine and phone-carrying behavior, “right?”
2:04:26Elementary “Christian identity movement” plutonium dirty bomb, JCD: “good work, Lear!”
2:08:17Donation Segment
2:17:21NPR acquires Pocket Casts app; producer note relating ACC’s Tourette’s to dysgraphia
2:21:18Ask John: Australian barbers sued for turning away women, ACC: “they’re just gonna tase ya”; April Ryan: Melania Trump “not culturally American”; Trump Rotation “no plan B”
2:29:37Fleeing Sonoma County fires to face Hawaiian lava; Mormon Church cutting Boy Scouts ties
2:33:53Daily Caller Foundation pitch for bogus IFCN-approved; JCD on budget-related demise of in-house fact checking; NPR Here & Now on Crowds on Demand actors for city council meetings and Trump events, JCD on hired “party girls”
2:45:35California gubernatorial neo-Nazi candidate Patrick Little condemned by RNC, JCD: “actor!”