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1030 Phoneliness (2018-05-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “That’s what I’m talkin’ about: have your mom do it!” (2:04:45)
0:00:34ACC’s huge DH Unplugged t-shirt, Bottoms Up magnetic beer tap, homeless and millennial dogs; viral video of BART addicts “shooting up slumped over and unconscious amid pools of vomit”, lame excuses from police, “safe injection sites”, escalator poop; LA criminalizes sleeping in vehicles; Tenderloin 250 square-foot adult dorms, “transgender cultural district” non sequitur, JCD: “ship‘em to Austin”; Vevo CEO taken aback by masturbating homeless
0:13:43Producers irked at NSFW Newsletter boobs; Fremont school “three Rs” “rights, respect, responsibility” mandate; Boy Scouts rebranding as Scouts BSA, ACC’s stint in Sea Scouts
0:23:31Former advisor Michael Caputo to Tucker Carlson on $125k in legal bills from Mueller investigation, GoFundMe page, “I’m never gonna work on a Republican campaign again”, JCD on Nixon & Clinton payback; former CIA Kevin Shipp draws JFK parallel, CIA involvement in cover-up; Trump mentor Frank Rich and gay meme “bubbling under”; current Trump Rotation
0:39:50New York Times list of 281 lies and insults; CNBC bathroom hidden cameras; new Charlie Rose allegations; CBS: Mike Morell a podcaster “and a very good one too”, “new season” opening with Michael Hayden, “right right right!”, weapons of mass destruction revisionism
0:53:04James Comey on Hillary victory scenario, “deeply enmeshed in the rule of law”; former FBI James Kallstrom on Comey’s leak of “automatically classified” memos, “three-act play” against Trump, “conspiracy” involving UK, “this is third-world country stuff”; NBC on Ty Cobb replaced by Clinton impeachment lawyer Emmett Flood, “midterms just around the corner”
1:00:36Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti’s GWU FISA background, work for Rahm Emanuel & Joe Biden; to Don Lemon: “he will be ultimately forced to resign”, “you and your advisors and your lawyers need to bring it”, lawyer who wrote tweets “is also a moron”; Kathy Griffin dick jokes; Juan Williams: Michelle Wolf “genius funny”, Sarah Sanders “burns fat” shitstorm
1:13:48Producer Segment
1:26:452009 NHS glitch “computer algorithm failure” impacting mammography; WhatsApp under-16s ban in Europe, founder Jan Koum’s departure; new “we all get a little closer” Facebook ad; Zuckerberg on “clear history” control and dating features; millennial on quitting Facebook
1:41:18Instagram facial recognition training; NPR struggles to explain Mastodon, experimental “mute all the men!” Gobo network; Zuckerberg “invited” to address Parliament, JCD: “he’ll be in tears”; Cambridge Analytica to file for bankruptcy; San Francisco University “phoneliness”
1:56:11Donation Segment: (.Y.) boobs emoticon; JCD lauds YouTube’s extensive early jazz archive
2:08:22Kanye West to TMZ on Trump support: “I was drugged the fuck out, bro!” after liposuction, “we are controlled by the media!”; Cecile Richards running for office “never say never” compilation; silence from Hillary camp, Charles Ortel on the move
2:18:55Sir Scott McKenzie’s new Operation Freetard book tackling copyright
2:20:44Original Trump medical records seized from Dr. Harold Bornstein, JCD on record ownership
2:22:58California Second Amendment school walkout vs “stance against gun violence”; New York event featuring “the Parkland students”; rapper 21 Savage “paintballs up, guns down” gunfire; Sarah Silverman: “if you have some mental health issues you also take medication”
2:34:17Netanyahu’s “half a ton” of Iranian nuclear secrets; France paying Iran in euro credits
2:40:26Dutch May 4 Dodenherdenking WWII two minutes of silence threatened as racist
2:43:30Man who implanted liquid heroin in puppies extradited to US; producer note on millennials who think children will “hate you someday”; Avengers: Affinity War; JCD’s unbootable Nuc