Call Clooney!

102 Bizarre Sex Crime (2009-06-07)

Show 102 album art
0:00:36ACC’s paper towel holder microphone stand; JCD’s Shanghai 1930 recommendation, manager Aura Green from Jack Falstaff, members-only cigar lounge; JCD recommends Live Free or Die Hard with gratuitous Dvorak reference, Timothy Olyphant, ACC recommends Mall Cop; encounter with Kevin Epps at AT&T store
0:10:55Slate article on resurgence of lard, JCD on beef kidney fat rendering disappointment
0:15:17JCD nailed European Parliament election turnout 38% prediction
0:17:00And Now Back to Real News: Susan Boyle treated for exhaustion; ACC on Show 28 death row reality show revisited, “essentially you get voted off and you get fried”
0:18:54Nigeria suing Pfizer over deaths and deformities in Trovan meningitis trial; HIV drug experiments on New York City children
0:20:58And Now Back to Real News: JCD gripes about Numb3rs and cop drama overhead flashlight grip, “turn on the frigging light!”, ACC on the gangster rap horizontal pistol hold
0:24:29New cloud type “asperitas”, JCD on seeing funnel clouds flying into Chicago; salmon threatened by California drought
0:30:59North & South Korea to hold talks; JCD’s ambition to sample Kim Jong-il’s bordeaux collection, ACC: “hey, dude, Kim Jong, this is corked!”, JCD: “I’m not gonna stick around”
0:35:45Economic woes impacting Toronto hookers, quasi-legality, ACC: “go and Google rape Holland” and sex crimes; Oregon semen-throwing ban “bukkake bill”; bullcrap PSAs promoting getting all three credit reports, employers checking credit scores
0:43:00Air France 447 altitude and air speed report, TCAS faults, ACC: “Boeing next, everybody”
0:44:15Video of Leo Laporte blowing up at Mike Arrington
0:45:13Donation Segment jingle discontinued, HEMA Knight underwear, shoe store fluoroscopes
0:51:41Mimi’s ruined tire from running over squirrel, bad Show 100 squirrel karma
0:53:26US doctors offering “Botox bailouts” for job interviews, JCD: “they all look like Nancy Pelosi”
0:54:50And Now Back to Real News: David Carradine dead at 72, New York Post “Hung Fu”
0:56:32WHO about to declare level 6 pandemic, three shots per year
0:58:47JCD’s travel checklist posted, “shut down the meth lab”; Madoff sentencing soon; Jacqui Smith resignation; Germany demanding physical gold held in US, ACC’s $50 gold coin, $75 oil “whisper number”, another The Disciplined Investor interview with Michael Greenberger on oil price manipulation
1:04:32Outro: dinner at Ozumo