Call Clooney!

1028 Roscoe! (2018-04-26)

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0:00:00ACC: (Laughter)
0:00:33San Francisco mayor’s proposed $13M for cleanup, QR code stickers and poop on electric scooters; Royal Dutch Library No Agenda archive; ACC on the fall of Madame Tussaud’s
0:09:41Trump-Macron Le Jules Verne dinner with €130k 30-liter Armand de Brignac Champagne, ACC on “poppin’ bottles in da club”; Trump snubs California by serving Oregon wine; Macron to Congress: “Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons … ne-ver”, feeble applause antiwar stance; Iranian cryptocurrency ban and currency crash, Wes Clark Seven “finishing off Iran”
0:27:17Rouhani reacts to nuclear deal alteration; Bitcoin spike on eve of Syria bombing; Saint Louis Fed all-in on centralized cryptocurrency; KYC Know Your Customer registration
0:34:55JCD demonstrates Alex, Inc. talking over top of Heil PR 40 microphone
0:40:53Executive Mode: Washington Post LibJo Molly Roberts’ It’s Only Thursday teases
0:47:07April 25 shooting incident “almost two years to the day” after July 7 Dallas ambush; ACC recommends Lost in Space reboot; study on health benefits of dark chocolate with n = 5
0:51:47China’s social credit scores to “purify society”; CNBC: “the world cannot live without Google”
0:56:11Producer Segment: last show’s folding “full-time” pre-school
1:04:10Facebag’s Global Policy VP Monica Bickert formerly in Malaysia with State Department, GDPR-prompted ToS changes to address “new types of abusive behavior”, interviewer: “how do you define an emotional injury?”, Bickert’s Zuckerberg cadence, “community operations team” manually reviewing posts for hate speech, “ISIS beheading videos”; JCD’s crappy Trump-Daniels Photoshop job; Bickert on distinguishing public vs private figures vs journalists, “quality audit” and appeal process, inane question on ad targeting via phone microphone
1:21:40ACC’s Alexa call to TtK revisited, ultrasonic cross-device tracking and Morse code mesh network; LISNR promo video “internet of sound”, $10M Series B funding from Intel Capital
1:30:09ACC OTG: 2G Nokia X2-01 with unidentifiable browser; Amazon Echo for kids rewarding polite behavior, Alexa trash chute plan, JCD “heeelp!”, last show’s fire caused by barbecue embers; JCD on Josie and the Pussycats LISNR parallel, ACC’s spectrum analyzer; new Z431
1:43:36Cops cameraman killed by friendly fire in Omaha, dead suspect “armed with a pellet gun”
1:46:38Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus author John Gray on testosterone-infused women feminizing men, social media dopamine; Terry Gross on Toronto van attacker killing “mostly women”, incel “community” celebrating, “red pill” and “black pill” memes (CotD)
1:59:19Maxine Waters still pounding the impeachment drum, “please resign”
2:02:04ABC on White House doctor Ronny Jackson’s drunken car crash and Percocet “candy man” status; Sen. Sherrod Brown’s 23 witnesses and chaos memes, “Koch Brothers” absurdity, JCD: “I think Sherrod is a drunk”, potential 2020 presidential run, India-backpacking spook
2:19:13Google’s new web-based podcast app with new RSS tags
2:19:51Donation Segment: millennial-triggering word “plush”; $90.09 “poop” donation
2:31:30Dirty Thirties: “Roscoe” = firearm
2:37:15Nazi scum get out!” for Milo Yiannopoulos; Massachusetts school prohibits “best friend”
2:40:55ABC hit piece on NFL secret recording with unnamed owners badmouthing Trump
2:45:45Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte declared misogynistic and racist, JCD: “Mozart’s got to go!”
2:46:5760 Minutes on Cambridge Analytica scientist Aleksandr Kogan “implicated in the biggest privacy scandal on earth”, former manager Sandy Parakilas on higher-ups not caring, data “scraped” meme, Kogan banned and partner Joseph Chancellor now at Facebook