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1027 Folding Pre-school (2018-04-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’ll think, you’ll think, Al Gore.” (2:42:20)
0:00:33JCD’s 1930 slang list; school shooting protestors at ACC’s head shop buying Swisher Sweets for 4/20 “blunts”; Jordan Peterson to Bill Maher on schools responsible for snowflake phenomenon, Maher outraged by “beyond free speech” reaction to Barbara Bush insult
0:06:44MSNBC “jiddy” over “hooker”-mania; Comey’s banker/spook copious note habit; ABC on Steele dossier note, Russian “beautiful hookers” comment, Mike Flynn and six-day delay in returning call from Putin; ACC on 1988 hooker warning, JCD on gawking at Intercontinental
0:14:22DNC lawsuit against Russia, Trump, and WikiLeaks; Tom Perez’ scripted “three reasons” talking points, “conspiracy” meme, Trump-Nixon parallel lie; former Secret Service “Dimench A raver” Dan Bongino on collusion with “foreign agent from the UK” Steele; JCD on DNC evidence of Hillary being “gypped”; Trump “Wendy Wasserman Schultz” tweet
0:34:03Barbara Bush dead; boring Stormy Daniels The View appearance; Starbucks protests
0:37:59Producer note on uncontained vs contained jet engine failures, ultrasonic inspection
0:42:16Sexual Harassment Update: Nobel Prize in Literature board sex scandal resignations; Teen Vogue editor on Coachella experience: “there was a lot of butt squeezing?” iso; JCD on first wife’s friend peeing on men, female “public poopers”; restaurant sexual harassment color codes
0:55:02“Code brown” Reddit public pooper AMA, JCD COMDEX “wet spot on the chair” story
0:59:23Producer Segment: slide whistle jutsu; JCD “nut fisting” mix, gross United Uno’s pizza
1:15:94ACC OTG: Illinois Facebook lawsuit over storage of biometric data, “right?”, “if Facebook is hacked, you can’t get a new face”, Google face tagging; police try to unlock dead man’s phone with fingerprint, JCD hand in warm water joke; Facebook patent application for interpretation of accelerometer data, political comment analysis; ACC’s pager strategy “not working out” due to message latency, Nokia Asha 210 in “feature phone” niche, emerging eSIM standard
1:32:44“The long-term benefits of folding pre-school”; Gardasil parental guilt “talk to your child’s doctor today” pseudo-PSA targeting 11-year-olds; Smith College psychiatrist on entering students already prescribed multiple psychotropic drugs, “crisis visits”, “decline in the quality of our diet over the past 75 years”; study on heterosexual students having same-sex hookups; CNBC on alpha male hedge fund manager underperformance, testosterone inferred from facial dimensions, JCD: “kill all men!”, link to success in “CEOs and high-frequency traders”
1:48:56NPR on IRS e-filing “SNAFU” and “glitch”, John Koskinen blaming budget cuts
1:54:39“Murdering grandma” Lois Riess captured in Texas, ACC: “old chick with a Symbian phone!”
1:56:44Colorado testing new marijuana DUI testing technologies; Chuck Schumer to introduce decriminalization bill, “there is no toking, vaping, smoking, hot boxing nor puffing allowed on Caltrain”, JCD on Schumer setting up Republicans to look like a-holes; 4/20 “pot holiday”
2:05:05Edison Research The Podcast Consumer 2018, Alexa’s “call Tina” creepiness, “share of ear”
2:08:34Donation Segment: note on GNURadio pager snooping; fire at ACC’s old place
2:18:07Second Half of Show: Allison Mack charged with trafficking sex slaves for Nxivm “cult and a pyramid scheme”, “bullcrapper” QAnon weighs in, ACC Joris Demmink radio station story; Missouri Governor Eric Greitens charged with “spanking, slapping” activities
2:30:22PBS on John Bolton calling shots on Syria; Heather Nauert on US funding White Helmets; UK man branded “Russian bot” for Syria dissent; Syrian UN representative Bashar Jaafari on “genetically modified opposition” (BCotD)
2:40:24Report makes Florida school shooter out as hero; sexual harassment of maids and housekeepers