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1026 DE-ISIS (2018-04-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “The news in America is suffering a total sellout.”
0:00:35Southwest 1380 engine failure and potential fleet grounding; sexist reports lauding female pilot’s calmness, ABC concern for passengers make-good, ACC on reasons for 190-knot landing
0:11:04JCD story: seated next to “prettiest girl on the plane” from Biloxi, “and more recently I’ve become a podcaster”; /bɨ.ˈlə pronunciation, Ocean Springs meetup; United seating groups and outrageous drink prices, dried green beans, douchebags stowing carry-ons en route to seat
0:24:08ACC all-in on Delta’s 250 mL prosecco bottles and Detroit Metro, OTG book agent, Global Entry rip-off, shoes on conveyor belt rule, TSA perplexed over slide whistle in electronics bag
0:33:19NPR Fresh Air interview with James Comey kicked off with “the forest fire that is the Trump Presidency” book reading, “that’s all America is, is a collection of ideas”, “this Presidency threatens something very fundamental” unquestioned by Terry Gross, breathy-voice “a development still unknown to the American public to this day” casting doubt on Loretta Lynch
0:45:58Scripted Comey to Colbert on getting “whacked” by mob; The View fangirl Sunny Hostin questions public comment on reopening e-mail investigation, Comey: “we decided, Loretta Lynch decided”, “another great question”, FISA fishing expedition, “we didn’t want to tip off these Americans that we were looking at them”, Russia warning op-ed nixed by Obama
1:01:18John Podesta to Brolf: Comey “throwin’ shade on everybody”, “honest idiot”
1:04:06Producer Segment: producer note on CNN mistranslation; Amazon Transcribe fail; EO 12333
1:33:21Ed Schultz on MSNBC’ Phil Griffin forbidding coverage of Bernie Sanders candidacy announcement, Andy Lack’s Clinton connection, “the fix was in” with Franken & Klobuchar
1:41:18ACC OTG: Brave browser’s Brendan Eich and JavaScript; FOSTA Mastodon sex worker haven; new semi-smart phones, Dutch Moroccans all-in on Hand Job pager; single-browser technology adoption; new Facebag TOS “cookies and other means”, JCD’s article Google, You’re Next; ACC’s Faraday bag and zombie knife, Mycroft voice assistant; GrayKey unlocking hardware vs iPhone X, ACC: “it’s the machine training the people”
1:53:54“Goofball” Tim Draper on CA three-state solution: “we’re trying to create states for the new millennial, the blockchain’s changing everything” (CotD), ACC predicts blockchain voting, “forking the chain”, JCD old lady “we’ll help you vote” scenario; Christine Lagarde all-in on cryptocurrencies, Amazon patent for deanonymizing transactions for law enforcement, Facebag political affiliations; Jeff Bezos letter cites 100M Prime subscribers
2:11:03RT on Cambridge Analytica parent company SCL Group’s work as contractor for UK Ministry of Defense, Kenyan ruling party, and Ukraine; Trump on Mike Pompeo’s “great” secret meeting with Kim Jong-un: “he’s very smart, but he gets along with people”
2:18:58Donation Segment: Alex Jones F-bomb mix for stream; ACC reads title changes as birthdays
2:28:46California Climate Credit showing up on energy bills thanks to Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006; San Jose considering arming park rangers with guns to defend against the homeless
2:32:01ACC recommends Churchill, Dunkirk civilian armada; Sergey Lavrov on “deconflicting channel” between US and Russia in Syria; BBC commentator compares Bosnia and Syria propaganda, host cites “information war”; advisor Victoria Coates on protecting “our assets in the region”, “de-ISIS policy”; Sean Spicer: goal “to destabilize Syria”; House AUMF successor
2:51:20Clip Blitz: Playboy model Karen McDougal free to tell Trump affair story; Pacific garbage patch cleanup plans; “epic” Oklahoma fires; YouTube shooting threat foiled; $99k Dutch “singing road” playing Friesland anthem to be torn up; 4/20 “holiday”