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1025 Blotto in Biloxi (2018-04-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “grep democrat | grep cat” (2:27:28)
0:00:36JCD in Biloxi for Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Technology Expo
0:02:48Novichok turns out to be WWI BZ toxin; Heather Nauert: “Syria is responsible, we are all in agreement”, CYA “dynamic situation”, Geneva process, Russia & Iran “don’t have the best interest of Syria at heart”, Matt Lee skepticism, “we don’t have the information … we don’t, we aren’t able to provide all of this publicly”; RT US “chemical provocation” warning, Lavrov: “not a proxy war any more”; Columbia’s Jeffrey D. Sachs to Morning Joe on CIA-Saudi Timber Sycamore program, Mika unimpressed; Tomahawk Missiles in the Dead of Night song
0:19:03Ed Henry on Trump’s Syria intervention and Obama “red line”; Gen. Jonathan Shaw: “what possible motive might Syria have to launch a chemical attack?”, cut off by Sky News; PBS “dozens of times” revisited, Nikki Haley to UN: “not his first, second, third, or even forty-ninth use of chemical weapons”; William Cohen on Trump’s “taunt” for Russia and Syria
0:31:15Trump-bashing Ambassador Joe Wilson F-bombs Katy Tur; Ed Henry on John Bolton reading along with Trump’s announcement, JCD on Reagan and 40-year “great president” cycle, ACC on Germany not needing to get involved because of Nord Stream 2, Alex Jones hysteria
0:40:51Alan Dershowitz on Michael Cohen raid: “core violation of the Fourth and Sixth Amendment” due to attorney-client privilege, ACLU hypocrisy, Trump’s attribution dilemma
0:47:11WPP’s Martin Sorrell steps down; JCD on Pearson’s royalty-free Que imprint scam
0:51:30Old clip on Nixon drug war as excuse to lock up blacks and anti-war protesters
0:52:50Elon Musk to Gayle King on struggle to produce Tesla Model 3, “this is cool, Elon!” iso; King to Paul Ryan to on celebratory dinner with Trump: “I don’t see anybody that looks like me in terms of color or gender”, Ryan’s stammering response on mentoring Mia Love
0:58:59Producer Segment: JCD gripes about penny slot machine false advertising
1:11:44Austin to pilot use of blockchain for people experiencing homelessness, Homeless Bound song
1:16:5229 Palestinians killed by IDF in last week; Trump executive order for welfare work mandate
1:21:44Jacob Zuma: “truth be told, they are lucky that people are no longer beaten” (BCotD)
1:23:34Antiques Roadshow “that’s terrible!” reaction to $200-300k painting appraisal, JCD on “2016 price” reruns; ACC on turning down $20k Dutch therapy reality show gig
1:28:08NBC Scott Pruitt hit piece: “backup from his boss”, “potpourri of problematic headlines”, “exploring a private jet lease”; BBC on millennials saving the planet by not reproducing
1:37:50South Carolina bill cracking down on fake service animals; California three-state solution ballot measure,, JCD on NorCal/SoCal and “big dildo” Cal with ports
1:46:45Bacteriophage therapy as largely illegal antibiotic alternative; BBC on cannabis oil for cancer, “a bloke in a backyard”, ACC on chemo “hitchhiking”; Ellen Feiss “beep beep” Apple ad
2:00:02Donation Segment: JCD on vasectomies, Central Park lobotomies; Ocean Springs MS meetup
2:13:07Heather Nauert on Global Engagement Center propaganda grants; Michael Lumpkin “IPS addresses” revisited; Zuckerberg: “I don’t know of any other sur… any surveillance organization”; producer note on Facebag’s multidimensional linear regression classifiers; Facebag to require ID for issue ads; producer note on white supremacist rally in Noonan Georgia
2:31:14Chris Wallace surprised at “how bitchy” James Comey’s new book is; Comey: “I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was gonna beat Donald Trump” hypocrisy
2:38:08Dump fire near St. Louis nuclear plant; ACC swapping Dutch “lit” with “blotto”; Rocket Car of Death; UK vs Argentina over Falkland Islands oil discovery