Call Clooney!

1024 Poop Particle (2018-04-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “Eugh, I gotta save face!” (2:04:32)
0:00:34ACC uitblinkers lunch: standing cocktail party with no cocktails, “cheap” Olivier Leflaive Rully, smoked dove with “bird cream”, nerve-wracking self-serve, avocado and ice cream
0:18:45“Madonna” pronunciation joke, inappropriate “are you a millionaire” question from actress, hug for knowing protocol, “can I steal this fork”, JCD on White House souvenirs; coffee with the Queen, unwashed hair flip; stuck at back of group photo behind moribund woman
0:30:54Mark Zuckerberg prefacing every sentence with “Senator”, Savannah Guthrie “Zucky” on live stream, Vogue “they trust me, dumb fucks”, “prank website” for hotness ratings
0:40:57Facebook drops opposition to GDPR-like California consumer privacy measure, ACC’s Google pop-up notification; Sen. Marsha Blackburn “prioritize or censor” question, Zucky terrorism talking point, “Diamond and Silk is not terrorism”, ACC gripes about “AI too-ils”, Blackburn The Truman Show analogy, “that data is crunched”, “I can’t let you filibuster right now”, “stunned, stunned!” at lack of HIPAA analogue, “let’s get familiar” with BROWSER Act
0:56:33Pro-privacy Brave browser; Rep. Kathy Castor’s anonymous user tracking “yes or no”, Zuck “Congressman, eh, Congresswoman”, lies about disabling location tracking; JCD on problem of nonspecialized journalists, ACC: “you gotta know the sosh nets, and you have to look hot”
1:07:43Sen. Richard Blumenthal on consent decree violation, “we’ve seen the apology tours before”, conflict with business model, MY DATA Act; Experian consumer data “gold mine”, JCD on opt-in “red herring” and EULA hounding, South Park episode “HumancentiPad”; Ted Cruz “neutral public forum” and Section 230, Diamond and Silk “unsafe to the community”, “deplorable” meme; Mike Hoefflinger “enormous amount of invasion… innovation”
1:32:23Producer Segment: JCD in Biloxi MS next show
1:41:25“Poop particles” being spewed by bathroom hand dryers, “plates of total bacteria”
1:46:14Executive mode jingles; Heather Nauert’s “resting bitch face”, briefing binder “went on a diet”, Matt Lee: “quality has replaced quantity?”, Hamas reporter killed by IDF approved for USAID grant, 500-foot safe distance; Qatari Emir visiting Washington to meet with Trump
1:55:43NBC on Trump vs military over getting out of Syria, “another terror threat looms”, Genie Energy and pipeline theory, Merck chlorine gas attack, ACC Trump crazy act theory; PBS NewsHour on “pattern of escalation” with Russia, JCD: “and that’s how World War I started”, cost of inaction and saving face, William Brangham: chemical weapons used “dozens of times”
2:06:35Former UK Ambassador Peter Ford: Assad “probably not guilty”, Syrian-American Medical Society “propaganda outfit … funded by the CIA” stepped on by interviewer, White Helmets, “how has Assad benefited from all this mayhem?”, cut off by interviewer (CotD)
2:15:18Syrian woman to NPR: “cracking jokes all the time”, White Helmets “just acting”, interviewer: “I really don’t want to debate with you whether there was chemical weapons or not”
2:25:16Donation Segment: JCD story: Acer pocket computer’s proposed name “Hand Job”
2:44:16Über’s new up-front pricing based on the algos; California’s lower-than-expected pot sales
2:48:17UK “zombie knife” ban, ACC’s Z-Hunter ZB-020 Zombie Killer Machete
2:53:05“Mr. Manafort, did you commit a crime?”; Kamala Harris Ellen cackle
2:54:42Loretta Lynch lies to Lester Holt about Comey testimony, “concerns were not raised”
2:57:24“Men, all you have to do is be hot”; burned-out San Jose house a bargain at $800k
3:00:25CNN on FBI raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels payment from home equity loan; Stormy Daniels to talk to The View about “many many many many things”