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1023 Warm Hand-Off (2018-04-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “She’s almost a dead ringer for Bill Gates.” (0:53:35)
0:00:33ACC to the rescue in truck at Bandana Ball; Dutch royalty and Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” ad
0:04:24DHS RFP for database of journalists and “media influencers”, “relevant to Washington and the six media hubs” in 100 languages, ACC: “we’re under etcetera!”; ACC OTG teaser
0:09:26News teaser: people smoking crack on BART; International Gamers Conference attendees “shellshocked” by San Francisco experience; man on the street with puddle-seeking kids
0:13:07New York Times uptalking stammerer on ISIS governance in Iraq; stutterer on Trump lying: “take on some of just the the the the the the… the… the… lies!”, JCD: “wow!!
0:18:22Required background checks for Awan Brothers sidestepped via loophole; Jason Chaffetz bouncing between Fox shows; investigators blocked from data stolen by Awans, running IT like “rinky-dink mom and pop business” (Phrase from the Chaise); JCD’s botched ACC iso
0:30:10Ryan Chilcote to PBS NewsHour on new sanctions against Russian oligarchs, Silicon Valley investor Viktor Vekselberg, spokesman Dmitry Peskov: “there are no oligarchs in Russia”, Trump “politically impotent” perception; Yulia Skripal phone audio with relative has Sergei unharmed, contradictions from Boris Johnson & Porton Down, Russian Ambassador suspicious about 14 dead Russian citizens, UN Ambassador Karen Pierce: “we have nothing to hide”
0:43:02Erik Prince’s “back channel” to Russia via Seychelles, meeting set up by Lebanese-American businessman George Nader; entertainment industry in bed with China, “Wong Dong Studios”
0:52:39Sneering Sheryl Sandberg interview by Judy Woodruff condensed to 45 seconds: “I’m really sorry for that and Mark’s really sorry”, JCD Prozac theory; “we don’t sell data, ever” vs Experian deal; “we are the product” vs psychographic tranches; Sandberg: “we don’t have an opt-out at the highest level, that would be a paid product”, ARPU average revenue per user
1:06:41Google engineer Yonatan Zunger on unanticipated uses for technology; Rep. Ro Khanna on need for internet bill of rights “common sense provisions”, “Parkland kids” mobilizing using social media; Honest Ads Act redefines trolls as “paid social media users”, “pro-Russian bots” on Twitter, Internet Research Agency’s $100k spent vs absurd $1.4bn overall
1:20:32Daily Standard’s Daniel Halper on uselessness of “big tech” ads; Zuckerberg’s election dilemma
1:27:33Producer Segment: John Fletcher “happy birthday!”; LGBBTQQIAAPK abbreve “L-jeebs”
1:46:02ACC OTG: The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Getting Off the Grid, Down With OTG, OTG You Can’t Find Me jingles, 900MHz latency, “digital detox” with “love buzzer”, Bandana Ball “squeals of delight”, Brave browser blocking HTML5 canvas fingerprinting, Roomba spying, “we are the AI that Silicon Valley is missing”, pager ringtone gallery, iPod Touch Wi-Fi calling
2:12:13Chappaquiddick trailer: rated R for “historical smoking”
2:13:47Reihan Salam filling in for David Brooks on NewsHour: Trump negotiating policy in public, Mark Shields “pernicious”, Salam: Trump “candidate of authenticity”, JCD: Shields “rattled”
2:20:18Donation Segment
2:27:14JCD doing next show from Biloxi MS, ACC’s nine days in Netherlands; Dutch “Spring Time”
2:30:14China’s Coming Collapse author Gordon Chang on Trump countering “made in China 2025”
2:35:42Nearly 13 of college students homeless and using food pantries, “identify as needing food”
2:37:49Norwegian Cruise Liners “nightmare” due to noisy and smelly renovation work
2:41:42Jerome Adams to NPR on naloxone availability in spite of price increases, ACC: “isn’t it great that we have Mike Tyson as our Surgeon General?”, “warm hand-off right from the overdose”
2:47:51FDA approves “democratized” DIY BRCA test, female host’s “whole lotta spitting”