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1022 LibJoe (2018-04-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Citizens of the glooobe, the earth is my home, I live on earth!” (1:36:23)
0:00:35JCD’s 66th birthday bongo for Dvorak beat poetry ensemble; Melissa Tallon birthday song
0:04:05Nasim Aghdam YouTube shooting: New York Times Dutch English voiceover; boots on the ground report on lax security; Zombie Goes Boom and other channels demonetized; MSNBC flat-footed; YouTube increasing security, “gun range (s)he visited”; “followers on Insta”
0:20:38Aghdam’s 9/11 pilot’s license; “no gun skills”; animal rights violence; Michael Moore Bowling for Columbine rant; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace “control room? not gunshots?” over Coke can
0:31:06David Hogg responds to Bill O’Reilly’s “shadowy figures”: “I’m pretty well lit”; I Don’t Like YouTube song; Elon Musk’s bankruptcy April Fools’ joke; famous JCD jokes: Patrick Leahy drunk surfing bill and “Gateway City”, writer Lirpa Sloof; 23AndMe/Lexus joke with driver licking steering wheel; JCD’s slightly edited clip of ACC raving about Tesla
0:42:32Deerfield IL AWB; Miriam Webster “assault rifle”; March For Our Lives advance booking
0:47:05Spotify pseudo-IPO, ACC turns down CNBC, JCD skit “well I think what we should be talking about is Michael Jackson being murdered”, artists “raped twice” by Spotify
0:51:40Trump follows long presidential tradition of putting National Guard on border; ABC on “stunning” announcement that “comes as sources say … Robert Mueller told the President’s legal team in recent weeks that he was under investigation”, ACC: “brazen!” (BCotD); DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s expert question avoidance, “as you know” microaggression
1:01:58ACC on Jesus Christ Superstar Live with Alice Cooper and John Legend
1:03:22Producer Segment: ACC on Dutch bathroom calendars “Dutch Facebag”
1:10:47ACC OTG: Purism Librem 5 phone and revitalized pager network, mystified by Nest app “a client has been updated” message; Washington D.C. mystery Stingray devices; Grindr to stop sharing HIV data; UK government getting immigration information from NHS
1:20:16Mark Zuckerberg to “hero of the LibJoes” Ezra Klein on using “new tools” in Alabama special election, “I think we felt a lot better about the result there”, “Stockholm syndrome” to premium services, Myanmar intervention, millennials “identify as a citizen of the world”
1:39:16NBC “top story”: Mr. Zuckerberg goes to Washington; Tennessee House debate on fraternity hazing bill: “I’m reading right here The Onion”; amateur radio POCSAG pager mesh network
1:47:48Chicago deaths from rat poison marijuana, Ebola-like bleeding; FDA kratom salmonella fearmongering; medical marijuana impacting opioid abuse; hospital deaths from opioids and sleep apnea; Porton Down unable to identify Novichok, reports of Skripals eating Salisbury fugu
1:57:41NBC Trump-needling over Baltics, fake news “glaring moment”, Alex van der Zwaan sentenced
2:00:56Wondery podcast network raises $5M, Gimlet Media’ Alex Bloomberg to Slate on “future of the medium”: “you have to retrain the audience”; Jen Briney and “master class” idea
2:11:28Donation Segment: Skripal family ages 66 and 33
2:24:48Historical Census questions, “how many idiotic or insane whites”
2:27:37Columbus LGBTQ domestic violence program, “the dynamic of same-gender couples is much different than heterosexuals”; George Washington University takes on “Christian privilege”
2:33:01Conan O’Brien “you don’t need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise” compilation, CNN Newsource Sinclair response compilation; Lester Holt drowned out by MLK speaker
2:39:32Google AI head steps down; Chelsea Manning on choosing Washington Post; Delta Airlines customer payment breach, TtK’s LifeLock single point of failure; 44 Democrats waived background checks for Awan Brothers, Donna Brazile feigns ignorance to Maria Bartiromo