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1020 Undercount of Color (2018-03-29)

Show 1020 album art
0:00:00ACC: “In Brazil, American sperm demand has skyrocketed.” (0:56:58)
0:00:37JCD unearths British sideboard full of goodies in course of refurbishing dining room
0:03:53iOS podcast app issues with Show 1019 title; Apple employee’s fatal crash in Tesla Model X, tracking and storing autopilot data, JCD on misleading road lines; Arizona Über fatality and homeless jaywalking hazards, algo adjustment for smoother ride; JCD on Ford’s early skepticism, 95-5 rule for OCR, road sign sticker vandalism; Elon Musk’s toupee; Israeli battery swap operation out of business; protests over Amsterdam’s 2020 ban on non-battery cabs
0:25:18Atlanta and Boeing ransomware crises; Microsoft XBox code of conduct modification
0:33:002010 Time Robert Mueller cameo at Facebook; Christopher Wylie to British Parliament on “my journey to this moment”, “year-long coming-out process” with The Guardian; ACC’s magnetic billfold meets CVC’s eyebrow piercing; JMD uninterested in deleting account, ACC’s location tracking; Facebook talking tube delay, ending Experian partnership; Adobe noticing volume of non-human traffic; Tim Cook: “we’re looking at every app in detail … right?”
0:49:27Roseanne returns to high ratings with young viewers, people “losing their crap” on Facebag
0:55:15Fertility clinic loses thousands of frozen eggs and embryos; increased US sperm demand in Brazil; nothing yet on Alex, Inc.; Swedish power plant burning overstock H&M clothes
0:59:26Producer Segment: YouTube slingshot technology; Unfilter podcast “Red Book prediction”
1:20:42Heineken “sometimes lighter is better” ad pulled; Al and “Sparky” Gore’s uptalking daughter Karenna on dropped charges for civil disobedience, ACC: “we need more dynasties”
1:25:50Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal lawyer Michael Avenatti’s work for Rahm Emanuel; Democracy Now on female Senators’ demand for sexual harassment reform bill; Anderson Pooper fails to compare Trump to Weinstein; lawsuit over discriminatory Facebook job and housing ads; ACC on lack of open-source social networks, Troll Room theory: no one cares
1:42:06California hysteria over “against the law” Census citizenship question, JCD on long form and American Community Survey, Mother Jones’ Ari Berman on Amy Goodman’s “stunning development”: “tremendous undercount of people of color”, Trump “turning the Census … into a tool of voter suppression and to a tool of nativist resentment”, ACC: “black American families said, oh my God, if we fill this out they’ll notice we’re black!
1:58:35Berman on Sarah Sanders’ “unbelievable lies”, electoral vote loss to “more white” areas, “everybody who’s here deserves citizenship” gaffe; JCD predicts redefinition of “citizen”
2:11:40Donation Segment
2:20:21EU tries to take Trump’s credit for progress toward North Korea treaty
2:22:49Pulse shooter’s father Seddique Mateen’s role as FBI informant covered up by prosecution
2:26:01John Paul Stevens calls for Second Amendment repeal, Trump misses fact that he was Republican appointee, JCD on Equal Rights Amendment; David Hogg’s conflicting stories: “I was in my AP environmental science when the first gunshot rang out” vs “got on my bike and rode as fast as I could”; media silent on 22 injured in Pennsylvania school knife attack
2:33:55China to pay for oil in RMB instead of USD, JCD “Chinese dissident” assassination theory
2:35:52Michigan student eats pothole breakfast cereal; millennial “P” and “V” for “pretty” and “very”
2:37:53Trump’s potential action on Amazon’s tax status to punish Washington Post
2:40:43Boris Johnson calls out Russian “ludicrous fibs” about Skripal poisoning; OPCW producer WMD note; note on US grid and packet scrambling; note on TSA Pre✓ explosive dogs
2:46:22Dr. David Deming’s 2006 testimony to Congress on cover-up of Medieval Warm Period