Call Clooney!

101 Lightning Strikes (2009-06-03)

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0:00:34Giant raindrops in California; ACC on CAVOK ceiling and visibility OK, called on to do search and recue for missing ultralight
0:05:35Air France 447 possible lightning strike, ACC: “it was time for an Airbus to come down” in Boeing-Airbus war, ACC: “sheet metal and rivets, baby”; previous week’s bomb scare, new bin Laden speech; nose dive from elevator malfunction, JCD’s Ames-NASA simulator experiences
0:14:18And Now Back to Real News: Conan O’Brien bumps Jay Leno, JCD: “I’m gonna give him six to twelve weeks and he’s off the air”; Latvian Go Blonde Festival; HEMA No Agenda underwear; betting on horses and dogs based on last to poop
0:23:56Gordon Ramsey’s ¬£7M in back taxes, JCD’s sous-vide theory upended
0:27:21Upcoming European elections, JCD on in-flight voting PSA; European Parliament increase from 736 to 754 seats from Lisbon Treaty, ACC predicts 28% turnout; pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit; German court examining Lisbon Treaty compatibility, “legal kill” for running from police; Rendition: Guant√°namo video game
0:34:43Potentially compulsory MMR vaccine for UK schools, JCD on his son’s “one pock” from chicken pox, ACC all-in on “measles parties”; investigation into secret deal between Google & Yahoo not to poach employees; Steve Ballmer ironically threatens to move offshore
0:41:53Monty Python’s Sit on My Face intermezzo
0:43:18California to run out of cash in 14 days, JCD: “every year this goes on!”; ACC on friend’s mother’s nursing home room no longer being cleaned, JCD on Tech TV getting rid of the makeup people; producer note on e-cigarette propylene glycol, JCD Merck Index request
0:52:51WHO: world “edging toward pandemic”; rumor of Jacqui Smith resigning; $20bn natural gas project in Australia protected wildlife area; new natural gas discoveries in Russia and Louisiana; Hazel Blears the one resigning
0:58:09Dutch tabloid editor scoffs on TV at ACC’s War Child proposal
0:59:24JCD on thieves potentially monitoring for “I’m away from home” tweets
1:00:42Outro: early wrap-up so ACC & CVC can talk