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1019 #deletethebag (2018-03-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Nowadays, arrest him!” (1:02:52)
0:00:36ACC story: taking New York banker’s Tesla to College Station, two near misses and “auto-steering jail”, multiple iPhone apps, white-knuckle charger search on Texas A&M campus “penitentiary”, required charger network membership, ACC: “one of the stupidest things ever invented”; JCD on need for long-term reviews, newer models no longer designed by Fisker
0:22:54Jeff Pegues on March for Our Lives, MLK’s granddaughter’s “I have a dream” for “gun-free world”; JCD on signage folk art, KRON on San Francisco rally, young kid’s bathroom “somebody’s gonna kill meee!”; students arrested for knives and threats, deputy sleeping in cruiser, eight highway patrol officers on campus; shooter’s brother Zachary held on $500k bond
0:38:40ACC on kid-hating O-bot artist out demonstrating; JCD Vietnam comparison; ironic support from Planned Parenthood; Sharpton-style “we are here today for the survival, fact, that no more”, “we are magic, we are power!”, David Hogg “vote for us, vote for our future”
0:49:37JCD on Hands Across America, DIY “ghost guns”; noticeable lack of Trump hate; ACC predicts “serious psychological issues” for kids on cover of Time, JCD: “hello mouse!”; David Hogg like fast-talking Ben Shapiro, “fuckin’ democracy” rants; PA students armed with buckets of rocks, “they will be stoned”; ACC: slingshots “iconic Rockwell-esque American portrait”
1:03:03ACC tweets video of nearby building being imploded WTC 7-style
1:04:28Producer Segment: Texas A&M and agricultural “aggie” schools
1:18:14John Podesta: Facebook users’ information “pilfered”, disregards Andrea Mitchell “WikiLeaks is connected to Russia”, “we now know” Cambridge Analytica CEO in contact with Assange, Roger Stone and “direct Russian front” Guccifer 2.0, “Mr. Wylie, the whistleblower”, Steve Bannon on board, “putting information into the bloodstream of the internet”
1:33:05The View abuses “android” Zuckerberg, control room off-script intervention, Behar promises to delete account, “Zuckerberg needs to apologize to Hillary Clinton” (CotD)
1:38:36Stammering Christopher Wylie: “I’m probably the only gay guy in London that had a membership card to a strip club, with women”, company “will do whatever it takes to ge’a contract”
1:44:52Obama campaign manager Jim Messina on using data for “singular goal to run a personalized campaign”; Rentrak’s Carol Davidsen: “we were actually able to ingest the entire social network”, “the Republicans do not have that information, and will not get that information, right?” (CotD); selected readings from ACC’s Facebag archive, clickbait vs native ads
2:02:06Heather Nauert on Kenya American Center fake news classes, spook Amb. Robert Godec
2:07:32Donation Segment
2:15:02CBS on Earth Hour “largest largest grassroots movement for the environment”
2:16:31Trump gripes about then signs omnibus spending bill, “highest duty” bullcrap; CLOUD Act surveillance; Craigslist nixes personals, JCD on old-fashioned “house for sale” hooker codes
2:24:35The Atlantic spook Elaina Plott’s scripted “briefing” for CBS This Morning: “advancing an aggressive stance on war” with John Bolton appointment, Stormy Daniels and “health of our polity”, ACC: “this woman is a ghost!”; former Bolton chief of staff Fred Fleitz to drunk Lou Dobbs: “he’s a nice guy”, Brennan “contemptible human being” rant
2:38:06Roseanne Barr outs Jimmy Kimmel as “Dimench B”, Pence warning; sleazy Anderson Pooper asks Karen McDougal what she would say to Melania Trump; JCD on Pence ten-year scenario
2:46:46Jonathan Pie: “I’ll tell you where else in history you’d be convicted of a crime for teaching your dog to mock Nazis: Nazi fucking Germany!”; JCD: 42 Grams “great work of art”