Call Clooney!

1018 Bunny Wars (2018-03-22)

Show 1018 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I’m doin’ a side hustle!” (0:59:42)
0:00:37ACC sneaks in Ephesians 6:10-18 “belt of truth … breastplate of righteousness” into intro; JCD’s Newsletter “boobs” and Robert Scoble Easter eggs, show plug in PC Magazine
0:03:34“South-by bomber” apparently blowed up, ACC’s extra space behind UPS truck; bomber “homeschooled by his mom”; JCD story: situational awareness during Beltway sniper attacks, male model UPS driver; ACC’s local Instagram star; new ABC Alex, Inc. podcasting sitcom
0:13:38Facebag “apps” designed to extract user data; 2009 Zuckerberg interview: “we’re not going to share people’s information”; “Facebawk” selloff; FTC investigation into “the Facebook” and Cambridge Analytica; 2011 Fraley class action $15 settlement; “social graph” API friend list; JCD predicts Sheryl Sandberg testimony; Amy Klobuchar on “data breach” as theft
0:29:49Cambridge Analytica “whistleblower” uptalker Christopher Wylie to Today: “founded on misappropriated data”, “projects that were funded by Russian funds in Russia”; JCD on potential disaster of Zuckerberg testifying to Congressional shareholders; stammering Wylie on algos to “explore mental vulnerabilities of people”, NSA “informational dominance”, restraining action “that’s not true!”, expert dodge “I think what’s really important for people to understand …”
0:48:28EU GDPR data regulations kicking in; ominous BBC News Night: “is psychographics a menace or a myth?”; JCD on psychographics vs demographics with magazine subscriptions
0:55:18Producer Segment
1:07:27New abbreve “as yoozh”; “Nanook of the North” and “heavens to Murgatroyd”
1:08:56Maxine Waters extols Obama’s Organizing for Democracy database; JCD’s “LibJo” on stolen election; Google News Initiative promo, JCD on newspaper cheapening, spook John Dickerson
1:23:01John Brennan now working for NBC; Jerome Corsi on conversion to Wahabi Islam, Obama passport sanitization; Mika’s melodramatic sigh, Brennan on Trump’s congratulatory call to Vladimir Putin, “almost certainly” responsible for Skripal poisoning, outraged at North Korea initiative, “read the cards” meme, Russian blackmail theory, election “act of war”
1:36:58Lackluster new NewsHour “dead reader” Yamiche Alcindor; CBS on security council briefing leak; J’Johnson to Feinstein on Russia announcement eclipsed by Access Hollywood Pussygate
1:45:47ACC on Mueller and J. Edgar Hoover, “extraction exercise”, Strzok MIA, indict Scott Adams
1:50:44Mike Pence & John Oliver children’s book “bunny battle”, JCD: “just promotes gay bunnies”
1:54:18Über self-driving car kills cyclist, enlightening producer reenactment; YouTube to ban some firearms content; blockchain child pornography; Nancy Pelosi wrong about Belfast Peace Wall
2:00:47Donation Segment: ACC’s single drunk Daily Source Code
2:11:13“Lesbian catfight” in New York gubernatorial race; Australian nursing code requiring white privilege disclosure, “decolonizing model of practice”; YouTuber Count Dankula to Nazi-saluting dog: “wanna gas the Jews?”; Dutch to implement “dragnet law” in spite of referendum
2:21:06Novichok chemical agent predicted by UK drama Strike Back
2:23:11KPIX end-of-show mayonnaise foolery; difference between global warming and climate change
2:25:45#MeToo men avoiding mentoring; Weinstein bankruptcy, Latham & Watkins chairman falls
2:27:58San Francisco set to ban sale of fur, “epical issue”, coyote logo, baby seal clubbing MIA
2:31:48Mumps cases on the rise, “a quarter of people lose their protection after only eight years”
2:34:52“Political child abuse” in weekend March for Our Lives, leaked audio of briefing by teacher Debbie Miller on Giffords Foundation itinerary: “you need to have your talking points ready”
2:45:25Peter Schweizer on Biden/Kerry kids’ adventure with CGN China General Nuclear