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1017 Tech Neck (2018-03-18)

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0:00:00ACC: “I learned it by listening to you, okay?!” (0:37:11)
0:00:32“Any collusion?!” iso; producer Putin “kick the bucket” translation: “it’s the business of the Secret Service”, bogus North Korean chemical stockpile; asylee Nikolai Glushkov strangled, Boris Johnson: Putin connection “overwhelmingly likely”; Skripal linked to Christopher Steele
0:11:04Russian grid cyberattack “fingers on the switches” meme; NYT hummer Nicole Perlroth: “Russian hackers had their fingers on the buddons”, “they’re stealing screenshots”, “great question” screech; CrowdStrike-Dragos partnership; Rachel Maddow on Saudi Arabian refinery attack “to make it explode and kill people”; “directly from the Kremlin” meme
0:25:19SES Senior Executive Services, Carter firings vs Shields “does he or she make me comfortable” lie, Time on firing the “disloyal”; producer note on American Intelligence Media podcaster Thomas Paine aka Douglas Gabriel’s NSA and “Luciferian” background, Tillerson’s SES GS-15 paycheck, “saboteurs”; Martha Raddatz on State Department “acting or interim positions”
0:41:59Andrew McCabe and Trump “body man” John McEntee fired, gambling “severe financial crimes”; TtK duped by Kelly firing hoax; JCD’s “journolibs” duped by McMaster rumor, Trump-Kelly “truce” lie; Don Lemon on “drive-by Twitter attacks” on McCabe; “pass the message along” to McMaster meme; MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle mocks Kudlow’s “God’s will”
0:57:27Malcolm Nance: Trump “literally playing by the Russian playbook”; Bush 43 “moron or conniving evil genius”; Tillerson on “challenges of sexual harassment within the department”, Leslie Bassett exposé; Clinton Cash author on Biden & Kerry sons’ private equity firm
1:07:10Producer Segment: dog with C-4 on plane scenario “with a little fuse sticking out of its butt”
1:22:20Austin Statesman looking for SxSW bombings “hidden message”; Tiffany Zhong on Gen Z: “brands need to have more native ads”, “my ’Gram” aesthetics, “side hustles … to make money very quickly on the internet”; Mike Rowe on antagonism toward particularly blue-collar jobs
1:46:57Millennial “hunchback” malady “tech neck” from phones and tablets
1:49:19Backpage bill “unlawful content” paving way for “unlawful network traffic”; uproar over Cambridge Analytica “stealing” data on 30M Facebag users, ACC: “data is the new bacon”
1:55:40ABC on call for shutdown of Mueller investigation after McCabe firing, JCD: search for “Tara Palmeri bikini”, “no collusion” compilation; Gayane Chichakyan’s maternity leave
2:00:29Comey’s new book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership; Colleen Hanabusa corrects Ryan Zinke’s konnichi wa to ohayō gozaimasu; Nancy Pelosi whines “should we give a border wall for nothing?”, “that was like a tin fence, this is a big wall”, “thank God” dreamers exist, ACC: “it may actually be effective, this is nuts”, ACC on CBP “am I free to go” checkpoints
2:07:20NBC reporter “Mr. President, did you have a relation with a woman named Stormy Daniels?
2:08:52Donation Segment
2:16:39Pro Publica retracts Gina Haspel’s connection to Abu Zubaydah waterboarding; Fox News excluding itself from “mainstream”, JCD on KSFO and KGO run by same person
2:24:25MP Lucy Allan on Telford sex abuse scandal; Nick Clegg on older Brexit voters dying off
2:34:49Pulse nightclub videos with SWAT breaching exterior wall; Universal Studios obesity lawsuit
2:39:33Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne encourages young voters because she is “some white person”
2:41:00Mimi’s “becoming your parents” meme roster: “I’ll give you something to cry about!”
2:43:58Charles Ortel probing Clinton Health Access Initiative’s 1090 rejected by IRS
2:46:02Jeff Flake’s cringeworthy usage “norming”; “the President versus the porn star”
2:56:39Florida International University footbridge collapse tied to its ABC construction method