Call Clooney!

1016 Bong Rip (2018-03-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “No! Uh! Whoah! No, we’ve got E-World!” (2:48:34)
0:00:33ACC: “whoever was playing the role of Stephen Hawking” dead at 76, meeting at Mondrian Hotel; IFSB World Contact Day; Trump: space “warfighting domain”, “Space Force … what a great idea”; post-ISS changes to Scott Kelly’s DNA; ACC’s nearly-empty plane to US
0:08:19ABC: “anxiety gripping the city” over Austin package bombs, potential hate crime; Netherlands enforcing 21 drinking age under EU influence; ACC recommends 42 Grams documentary
0:15:16New York banker: “Kudlow is a cokehead and an idiot”, CNN on Trump “poaching a host from cable television”, supply-side economics; ACC postproduction “ten-sixteen” for intro
0:19:47Rex Tillerson “fired by a tweet”, hyperventilating resignation speech, “military coup” complete; JCD on the virtues of Bing; Mike Pompeo CIA successor Gina Haspel linked to torture; influx of CIA types into Democrat party; Pennsylvania winner Conor Lamb distances himself from Pelosi, Joseph Crowley: Pelosi criticism “sexist”, ABC on Rick Saccone’s “baseless claim” of Democrat “hatred for God”; Hillary: “we don’t do well with married white women”
0:33:33Producer note: Gen X educating Gen Z “bullshitometer”; JCD on children voting like parents
0:35:52National School Walkout “our parents had wars and we had Columbine”; Gov. Henry McMaster: students “used as a tool”; Joy Behar “everybody knows that now” on Russian cyberattack
0:44:22Behar’s forced Mike Pence “hearing voices” apology; student hit by “bullet fragment” from teacher’s gun; Samantha Bee on mental health as “distraction” from guns: “I hate them and I want to melt them down into jewelry for transgender vegans”, “only 22%” of mass murderers mentally ill, SPLC “alt-right killers”, radicalization “what being red-pilled means”, “incels”
1:01:58Producer Segment
1:09:37JCD working on donation page with Dreamweaver, Mailchimp landing page silliness
1:11:33ACC calls bullcrap on NYC helicopter crash story of strap tangled with throttle lever
1:14:50BBC defines fake news as “lies and propaganda told for a political or commercial purpose which deploys digital technology”; JCD asks Guggenheim PR about Trump gold toilet story
1:23:53Dog dies in United Airlines overhead bin, attendant “did not hear or understand” blame-shifting lie, JCD on breed’s suffocation danger; ACC to swap passport for Global Entry card
1:33:41Progressive Insurance “becoming your parents” ad, JCD calls for “get off my lawn” examples
1:39:49Theresa May expels Russian diplomatic spooks over poisoning of Sergei Skripal and daughter; unidentified “military-grade nerve agent” Новичо́к “newcomer”, Putin “betrayal”, Porton Down and OPCW on lack of information on chemical properties, binary organophosphates, Putin “kick the bucket” vs spy swap; Nikki Haley on chemical weapons in New York City
1:54:04NPR: RT & Sputnik “swamped the US internet” with anti-GMO coverage, researcher “found clickbait!”; Daylight Saving Time’s link to car accident and heart attack risk
1:59:28“Pharma Bro” Shkreli and Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes in hot water for securities fraud
2:05:24Gary Johnson on “what is Aleppo” gaffe “goff”, JCD: “it was all a fackodd”; Bing “bong rips”
2:10:34Donation Segment:
2:21:47Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson on HPV vs low throat cancer incidence among lesbians (BCotD)
2:25:25NPR on California’s strict sexual harassment criteria; Juncker aide Martin Selmayr promoted to EC Directorship; Orange County closing tent city for “people who wanna live this lifestyle”
2:36:45Sierra Leone’s missing ebola funds; Nigerian lassa fever; CDC’s $400M 2005 lab rebuild
2:43:33Charles Cox on Communications Decency Act §230 and Prodigy bulletin board suit, JCD on Apple E-World & Mosaic browser; ESPN soccer announcer isos: “you know it, you love it!