Call Clooney!

1015 Pentacon (2018-03-11)

Show 1015 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Oh, stop! Stop stop stop stop stop!” (0:53:30)
0:00:40JCD’s Show 84 time change confusion; ACC in Netherlands for music ICO, JCD: “theremin”
0:05:38Professor Jordan Peterson on “stabbed” Theo van Gogh, Dutch embarrassment over “tyrannical patriarchal nature”; Brussels unnerved by Italy’s “election earthquake”, “there’s a feeling that voters may have become confused”, Italians don’t want “United States of Europe”; Steve Bannon addresses French National Front party: “let them call you racist”
0:12:07John Fletcher “tariffs!”; EU and Japan angling for exemption; worries about Kentucky bourbon and US-made steel beer kegs; Scott Adams post-WWII favorable deal theory; JCD on still-secret TPP; The Economist Trump face hand grenade “The Threat to World Trade”
0:19:50North Korea talks: Mark Shields agrees with incoherent NewsHour comment from “mile-high” Kathleen Parker; ACC irked with CBS backgrounder “the White House said”; PBS on South Korean advisor’s White House driveway announcement, unsurprised Rex Tillerson, “don’t raff”; Uncle Don’s opinion revisited; Shields outraged at lack of input from “outstanding remarkable leaders” Mattis and Dunford; Michael Pillsbury: “I wouldn’t rule out the Nobel Peace Prize”, JCD: “I promise … I’m not gonna go on a killing spree like that other guy did!
0:36:40Trump Pennsylvania stump speech reveal: “we put very very strong sanctions and lots of other things we’ve been doing”; JCD’s liberal journalist friends: Kim Jong-un “conniving genius”
0:41:18Thaddeus McCotter and Lee Smith on Operation Mockingbird, “preposterous” WaPo story about Mueller investigating Seychelles “back-channel meeting”; JCD on reverse-engineering CIA journo list, WaPo Pentagon Papers “me too”; Jeff Bezos the Trump-bashing CIA wannabe
0:53:22San Francisco shoreline sinking into mud, eight-inch water level rise since 1800s, SFO runways underwater by 2100; Oakland SJW coffee shop turning away uniformed police customers
0:59:37Producer Segment: use of fentanyl-type drugs for precise effect timing; Sharpton “Pentacon”
1:28:30ACC at Dutch B&B with “poop shelf” hospital toilet; millennials not buying into Trump hate, “small batch” vs Polish deli pickles; George Carlin proposes turning golf courses into low-income housing: “think of how big a golf course is; the ball is that fucking big!
1:39:16Sleep aid Belsomra ad: “walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported” (BCotD), ACC firearm warning
1:43:23John Kiriakou discusses motorcycle accident, missing police report and driver’s “get out of jail free” card, Michael Hastings assassination, “nothing to see here” from Seth Rich family
1:56:00Max Clifford on Bill & Hillary “shagging the same woman”, Dustin Hoffman theater groping; “deepfake” compositing technology, JCD on Carrie Fisher & Peter Cushing in Rogue One, HDDVD format face-swapping demo; Stormy Daniels “that is successful whore to you!”
2:07:46Donation Segment: JCD on old album covers as fine art; ACC’s invitation to uitblinkers lunch
2:24:16Trump pardons Kristian Saucier for taking classified submarine photos, CBASIC creator Gordon Eubanks; Sir Chris risks burnout for end-of-show Aussie abbreves for “Ads and Johnno”
2:28:32Latest “drop” from Reddit riddler QAnon mentioning “Spartans in darkness”
2:32:25Michael Douglas throat cancer debunked, Sacramento Bee Gardasil native ad
2:36:02Condoleezza Rice to Fareed Zakaria on armed father standing in for unreliable police
2:39:26Coca-Cola alcoholic soda in Japan, ACC on “old old old Coke” with cocaine, digestive aid pepsin, “coked-out Japs”; Dutch PAL-V Liberty “flying car” autogyro based on Carver One
2:54:00Trump’s $30M tank-less military parade set for Veteran’s Day; Pennsylvania 16-year-old runs off with 45-year-old man, JCD: “you’re going to get caught and humiliated — don’t do it!”